Glampsource North Hatley customer story

Glampsource North Hatley boosts revenue with Mews

The sustainable Canadian glamping destination generates extra revenue through integrated upselling and sells multiple space types through Mews. 

Glampsource North Hatley boosts revenue with Mews

Reduced workload by


for OTA management

Two thirds

of bookings made direct

Added average value of


per booking through upsells

Glampsource North Hatley boosts revenue with Mews

“Moving to Mews has saved us so much time – we reduced workload on OTA management by 300%. Thanks to automation, our back office has more time to plan and strategize and our front-facing team can provide better service to guests.” 

From pen and paper to digital multiple services 



Prior to joining Mews, the founders of Glampsource North Hatley managed their operations manually, with everything handwritten or communicated via phones. With a goal to increase revenue through offering multiple services, moving to the cloud was vital. 



Mews is cloud-native and automates countless daily tasks, meaning huge time savings for staff. It’s also easy to sell multiple space types and services to guests, all through Mews, which helps the property attract different types of customers. For Glampsource, a brand that aspires to be at the forefront of hospitality innovation, a PMS like Mews provided a platform that supports their goals for growth, efficiency, and a superior guest experience. 



• 35% growth in business 
• Day use seamlessly managed through Mews Operations 

Glampsource North Hatley boosts revenue with Mews
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More revenue through booking engine upsells 



Direct bookings are more valuable for business, so the Glampsource North Hatley team wanted a booking engine that would maximize revenue. 



Mews Booking Engine provides a seamless user experience, allowing guests to choose between numerous lodging options. Add-ons can be selected with a single click, multiple rates (e.g. non-refundable) can be uploaded per accommodation type, and pre-payments are taken at the final step. 



• Two thirds of bookings are made direct  
• One in five booking engine reservations purchase upgrades 
• CA$40 average added value per booking through booking engine upsells 
• 10% higher average booking value through booking engine compared to channel managers 

Online check-in drives upsells and time saving 



If guests are required to visit a central reception to check-in on arrival, the process can cause long lines.  



Mews Online Check-in saves time for onsite staff and allows guests to choose their own arrival path. It’s also an opportunity to capture true guest email addresses who have booked through a third party, and to increase the booking value by upselling add-ons. The most popular upsells at Glampsource North Hatley are pet fees, taxis and parking. 



• One in three guests check in online  
• CA$27 average upsell per reservation through online check-in 
• Guests are more than twice as likely to complete online check-in if they booked direct 

Glampsource North Hatley boosts revenue with Mews
“Our average booking value has increased with Mews, in large part because we’re able to easily upsell extras at different points of the guest journey.” 

Integration spotlight

RoomPrice Genie

RoomPriceGenie is a revenue management solution designed for small and medium-sized hotels. The direct integration with Mews automatically updates prices and inventory, while the tool’s algorithm ensures maximum profit for every room at Glampsource North Hatley. 


SiteMinder is a leading hotel commerce platform and channel manager that provides a real-time connection between Mews and over 450 booking channels. This means that Glampsource North Hatley can sell more spaces with less chance of overbooking. 

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