Got City Center Hotels customer story

Got City Center Hotels boosts RevPAR and direct bookings with Mews

The Swedish hotel group, who also run five Best Western branded hotels, sees impressive results across their property portfolio. 

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RevPAR increase


(2021 to 2022)

booking engine conversion rate


(in 2023 to date)

automated card payments


using Mews Payments

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“We’ve been with Mews for a few years now and it helped to transform the way we operate. It’s very intuitive to work with and saves our team so much time.”

Portfolio management from anywhere



Although GCCH hotels are managed separately, it is important for high-level users to get an overview of performance across all properties.



Mews is a completely cloud-based PMS. As long as a user has the correct access rights set up, they can oversee any property remotely and quickly run reports to compare performance.



• 55% RevPAR increase (2021 to 2022)

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Triple the average booking engine conversion



Despite the beneficial reach of OTAs, selling rooms via a channel manager reduces a hotel’s overall profit per space.



The Mews Booking Engine can be added to any hotel website. Its clean, modern interface is easy to use and is proven to convert visitors into guests. GCCH use a free, built-in pricing widget that compares live prices with leading OTAs, encouraging guests to complete a direct booking for the best deal.



• 10.3% booking conversion rate at Hotel Vasa and Göteborgs Mini-Hotel (industry average is 3.3%)
• 7% higher average booking value for direct bookings (compared to channel managers)
• 39% higher online check-in ratio for direct bookings (compared to channel managers)

Fast and secure payments



Taking and processing payments has traditionally been a disruptive part of the guest experience.



With Mews Payments, every transaction is fast, secure and seamless for guests. Once the payment method is first processed in Mews, every following payment can be actioned by staff with a single click, eliminating the awkward payment interaction. GCCH also use Mews Terminals in several of their hotels to create a fully connected payments system.



• 100% of all card payments automated through Mews Payments
• 0.03% chargeback ratio (travel industry average is 0.5%)

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“All of our hotels are different, and Mews allows us to build our ideal tech stack for each location. It helps us to create a consistent and modern guest experience.”

Integration spotlight

Got City Center Hotels average eight integrations per property. 


SiteMinder allows hotels to automate the distribution of their rooms online. Hospitality’s most widely used channel manager, a real-time connection between Mews and 400+ booking channels means that availability is automatically kept up to date, cutting manual errors and overbookings.

Benchmarking Alliance

The Benchmarking Alliance tool allows the GCCH team to benchmark future reservations against the market, and lets the team see how reservations are doing against expected market performance up to 365 days ahead.

Make it remarkable.

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