Green Hotels customer story

Huge rise in RevPAR, ADR and conversions for Green Hotels

The French hotel group has seen success across the board with Mews, from easier payment requests to more direct bookings.

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increase in RevPAR


from Jan-June 2021 to Jan-June 2022

booking engine conversion rate


for Eco Fleury Hotel

higher ADR


with Mews Booking Engine compared to OTAs

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“We’ve had amazing results with Mews Booking Engine, drastically cutting the amount of OTA commission we pay while also increasing our RevPAR thanks to upselling.”

Industry-leading booking conversion rates



Green Hotels wanted a booking engine that makes it easy for guests to book onsite, rather than losing out on commission to OTAs.



Through Mews Booking Engine, guests can reserve a room in just a few clicks. The journey is straightforward and fast, with a variety of add-ons like parking and early check-in easily added with one click. A pop-up price comparison widget compares the live room prices with leading OTAs and Expedia, giving the guests every reason to book immediately.



• 18% booking engine conversion rate (3.3% is the average for independent hotels)
• 22% booking engine conversion rate for Eco Fleury
• 21% higher ADR with Mews Booking Engine compared to OTAs

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Instant payment requests with Mews Payments



Manually chasing guests for due or overdue payments can be a time-consuming and stressful part of the job for any front desk or reservations team.



Mews Payments makes payment requests simple. Within each guest profile there is a payments tab with a button for ‘Payment request’. From there, the team simply fills in the amount owed, gives a reason for the request (e.g. payment card declined) and chooses an expiration date. Custom messages can also be added, and clicking the ‘Create’ button will automatically send an email to the guest.



• 80% success rate with payment requests
• 0.05% chargeback ratio
• One in ten online check-outs are paid through Google Pay

“Payment requests with Mews are really simple. They’ve empowered our reservations team to spend more time maximizing revenue rather than chasing payments.”

Integration spotlight

Each Green Hotels property can choose which integrations are most relevant for their operations.


Guestkey by Hotek

Guestkey is a next-generation mobile key solution. It’s a web app that gives guest access to specific doors in the hotel, meaning they don’t need to download a new app to their phone. The integration with Mews means that any change within Mews Operations is immediately reflected in the guest’s access rights – for instance if they change their room, their mobile key will now only work for the new room.


L’addition is a French point-of-sale (POS) solution that’s fully cloud-based, used by Green Hotels to fully integrate their restaurant into their tech ecosystem. The tool covers the full customer F&B journey, from order taking to collection, reservation and payments. It also has online ordering capabilities as well as inventory management and real-time reporting.

Looking ahead

In their first year and a half with Mews, Green Hotels have already seen impressive results. Occupancy has increased by 44% from the first six months of 2021 to the first half of 2022, while ADR has increased by 36% in the same time period. The team at Green Hotels are keen to improve even further by streamlining and automating more manual processes.

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