harry's home customer story

harry’s home is out to revolutionize the guest experience

Family-owned Austrian hotel brand works with leading hotel tech providers like Mews and GauVendi to make attribute-based selling a reality.


Faster by


to make reservations in the platform

Payments are


automated with Mews Payments

Check-ins are faster by


when guests use online check-in

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“The legacy PMSs haven’t moved on in the last 10 years. The decision to move to Mews was very easy because you provided what we needed and saw lots of potential too.”

A faster, more varied check-in experience



When arriving a hotel to check in, a guest’s welcome experience is often transactional rather than personal.



Online check-in is part of Mews Guest Journey, and it allows guests to handle the administrative part of check-in in their own time, including digital registration cards. This speeds up check-in meaning they can get to their room faster, while the staff that welcome them can provide a more personable experience.



• 16% online check-in at Hotel Schwarzer Adler
• 14% online check-in at harry’s home Bischofshofen
• 70% faster check-ins when guests use online check-in

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GauVendi gives Harry’s Home guests unparalleled choice



Guests are typically limited to a narrow selection of room types when making a booking. This is also an inefficient way for hotels to optimize their RevPAR.



GauVendi is an innovative software that allows harry’s home to sell rooms based on their unique features and generate extra revenue by allowing guests to personalize their stay, bringing their brand promise of ‘create your stay’ to life. This means the same physical rooms can be sold numerous times under different names and prices points. Through a direct connect with Mews and smart automation, harry’s home can monetize any room feature, from proximity to elevator to view from the window, with inventory automatically updated whenever a booking is made.



• One third of guests are already using the configurator when booking
• 60% use automatically generated ‘most popular’ options
• Guests typically fall into two groups: those who choose one to two options, and those who choose multiple preferences (around eight), all of which boosts RevPAR

“If you buy a car, you can decide the color, the interior, all the extras. This is what GauVendi helps guests to do when they book a room with us. In the past, our reception and reservation teams wouldn’t have time for this, but their automation opens new possibilities.”

Flexible payments for a flexible guest experience



harry’s home wanted an integrated payments solution that would empower their guests to make secure payments throughout the guest journey.



With Mews Payments, harry’s home can choose to accept payments at any stage of the guest’s journey. Once the guest’s payment details have been taken by the hotel, they can be securely charged at any time with only a couple of clicks, saving time for staff and guests.



• 100% payment automation on card transactions through Mews Payments
• 0.01% of transactions are chargebacks (the average rate in the travel industry is 0.5%)

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“We like to provide our guests with options. They can pay up front, at check-in or at check-out. I don’t want to tell them that they have to do it a certain way, so these options are important.”

Integration spotlight

harry’s home and Adler Hotels use as many as ten integrations per property.


GauVendi helps Harry’s Home market and sell the uniqueness of each room, while also giving guests a more unique, customized experience. The GauVendi team provides an expert merchandizing and retail strategy, while an AI Feature Sales Engine maximizes performance. This helps harry’s home gain a competitive advantage by standing out as well as driving higher value direct bookings.
“GauVendi gives you the power to act like one of the really big players in the industry. You can easily de-bundle your room and every customer can tailor their stay based on what suits them best.”

Markus Mueller, Founder and Managing Director, GauVendi

Looking ahead

The team at harry’s home are excited to build on their recent successful launch with GauVendi and develop even more personalized experiences for guests. They’re also looking to introduce check-in tablets so that guests have the option to check themselves in upon arrival, as well as refine their hotel marketing and communications with more sophisticated targeting.

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Make it remarkable.

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