Hotel Atlántico Vigo customer story

At Hotel Atlántico Vigo, staff efficiency and guest satisfaction soar with Mews

The forward-thinking Spanish hotel is enjoying the benefits of a flexible hospitality cloud that helped them maximize revenue and boost productivity.

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increased revenue in 2023


hours saved per week



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"Thanks to Mews, we went from walking blind to driving a Tesla. Before, we had no access to data and manually worked our way through tasks and paperwork, leading to many mistakes. Mews is so easy to use, and our operations are running quicker and smoother than ever."


Tech-powered care for guests



The Hotel Atlántico Vigo team identified the limitations of manual hotel management and sought ways to optimize operations. Recognizing the need to future-proof their business, they identified Mews as the best investment to achieve this goal.


Through the automation of repetitive tasks, staff efficiency has improved significantly. In their first year with Mews, the Hotel Atlántico Vigo team saw a 22% increase in revenue with zero chargebacks. Powered by smart tech, they deliver stellar hospitality by demonstrating genuine care for guests. They use guest profiles to surprise guests with thoughtful presents on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. This personalized approach translated into better online reviews, boosting their rating from 8.1 to 8.5 and attracting new audiences.


  • 7% booking engine conversion rate (the industry average is 3%)
  • €30 average value added per reservation during booking
  • Improved guest reviews
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Streamlined processes save time for staff



The check-in used to take five minutes and involved more interaction with the screen than with the guest.


After moving to Mews, Hotel Atlántico Vigo cut check-in times by half, saving over 10 hours weekly. This extra time is reinvested in guest interactions and finding new ways to meet their needs. For instance, as a pet-friendly property, the team wanted to simplify the process of bringing furry companions along. Thanks to a clean and intuitive Mews Booking Engine, guests can easily add pets and select other upsells such as breakfast and parking spaces.


  • 15% online check-in rate 
  • Two and a half minutes to check in (used to take five) 
  • 9% upsell conversion rate during online check-in 
  • Revenue increase from parking space upselling 
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"Mews helps us save ten hours per week, and all this time is invested back into guests. Instead of an exhausting check-in, our guests can look forward to a personalized welcome. They love it, and they always mention how it makes them feel taken care of in their online reviews."


Running hotel rates on autopilot



As an ambitious team dedicated to business growth, Hotel Atlántico Vigo sought a user-friendly and intuitive PMS to streamline daily operations.


Through Mews, Hotel Atlántico Vigo has 100% automated rates. With the right rates and offers, they can adjust rates faster than competitors and efficiently capture revenue opportunities. They’re also actively using restored reservations, allowing them to reinstate reservation details with a single click instead of creating new bookings. Streamlined and automated processes are saving them hours of valuable time across various operations.


  • 100% automated rates
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“In just one year, our operations have changed, guest satisfaction has increased, and our revenue is still growing. The power of Mews is making hospitality easier and more enjoyable.”


Integration spotlight


BeonX offers the next level of intelligent digitalization needed to optimize revenue strategy for a hotel business. It integrates all Hotel Atlántico Vigo data in one place, making it easy to uncover profit potential across revenue streams. No more disconnected apps, spreadsheets, or departmental blind spots – the team can see everything in one integrated platform.


The integration with SiteMinder, a leading channel manager, provides a real-time connection between Mews and over 450 booking channels. It helps Hotel Atlántico Vigo reach a wide online audience with minimal manual effort. The features supported by this connection include delivery of price, restrictions and availability updates, as well as automatic update of booking information from all channels into Mews to reduce overbookings. 

Make it remarkable.

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