Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly customer story

Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly uses data to drive success

The French hotel and spa uses Mews Analytics to track, analyze and boost performance.

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4% higher ADR

for direct bookings compared to channel managers


88% success rate for payment requests


One chargeback in two years

About Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly

Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly is a four-star hotel set in a beautiful 16th century castle in the heart of France. Fully modernized and with an 18-hole golf course, the hotel has a mix of suites, rooms and self-catering apartments, alongside a fine-dining restaurant, bars and spa.

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“One of the main reasons we chose Mews was that it lets you integrate with so many other systems that add value to our business.”

Tobias Yang
General Manager, Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly

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Instant and free connectivity


Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly wanted the freedom to connect with multiple hospitality integrations without additional fees or complications.


Mews Marketplace connects to over 600 of the industry’s best solutions. Many of these apps are plug-and-play, meaning with only two or three clicks, the hotel can be connected to a new solution within 24 hours. There are no connection fees and there is a single point of billing (through Mews) to make things simple for finance teams.


• Zero connection fees
• Eight live integrations

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Accessible analytics to track performance


In traditional PMSs, reporting and analytics is often time-consuming and difficult, sometimes with an additional cost for each data request.


Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly is on the Mews Enterprise Package, which includes Mews Analytics as standard. Visual dashboards and data-rich reports across daily operations, finance, customers and reservations allow the team to view performance against targets and historical data. Meanwhile, management can ensure sensitive data is restricted by creative custom access rights based on user roles.


• Five interactive dashboards that inform the team about performance
• Big time savings thanks to automated data updates and easy access anywhere, including on mobile

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“Mews Analytics give us access to more data than we’ve ever had before, and the dashboards make it easy for us to track and analyze everything. It’s transformed how we manage reporting.”

Tobias Yang
General Manager, Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly

Integration spotlight

Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly are connected to eight integrations through Mews Marketplace.


Lightspeed is a POS solution for hotel restaurants and bars that the team use to provide a seamless guest experience and streamlined processes for their own staff. Features include easy menu and floor-plan updating, simple table-side ordering, powerful reporting and more.

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Revinate is a powerful marketing tool that helps Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly drive more direct bookings and improve guest satisfaction. Among its many features is email marketing automation, upsell emails, smart segmentation and tailored campaign metrics and reports.

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Looking ahead

In order to create a fully integrated payments ecosystem, the hotel has recently started taking payments through Mews Terminals. This is part of the team’s ongoing mission to embrace automation and spend the time saved on providing an even better experience for guests.

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