Hotel Oderberger customer story

Hotel Oderberger combines a historic setting with a modern approach

The Best hotel in Berlin embraces technology across the guest journey to increase RevPAG and become more efficient.

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from summer 2021 to spring 2022

payment automation


for card payments with Mews Payments

higher average ADR


for guests who use online check-in

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“Since moving to Mews, we’ve been able to transform our tech stack and connect to the best hotel tech solutions on the market. The results speak for themselves.”

No power, no problem



Hotel Oderberger experienced a power cut that affected the local area and lasted for several days.



As Mews is a cloud-native property management system, it can be used from any device with an internet connection. This means that even without a power supply to the hotel, staff are able to work onsite with phones and tablets, or login to Mews and work remotely from any offsite computer.



• The hotel was able to operate effectively for the full nine days of the power cut

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"When we had a power cut, Mews helped to keep our operations running as usual. We could easily check in and check out guests, as well as handle invoices, reservations and changes – all on our phones, tablets and remotely."

A booking engine that boosts guest spend



Although channel managers help hotels reach a wide audience, they take a large percentage of every booking through their commissions.



Hotel Oderberger uses Mews Booking Engine to increase their proportion of direct bookings and increase average guest spend. Guests have a clear, simple user journey to book a room, with an inbuilt price comparison widget that improves conversion. They’re also able to book extras such as parking spaces, bike hire, and F&B add-ons, increasing RevPAG.



• 6.9% Booking Engine conversion rate (3.3% is the industry average)
• 5% higher average ADR for Mews Booking Engine bookings compared to channel manager bookings

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Online check-in guests spend more



Guest expectations are changing, and a big percentage expect a self-service journey that will get them to their room faster.



With Mews Guest Journey, Hotel Oderberger’s guests can check in online before they arrive, meaning they can skip any reception queues upon arrival. Moreover, these guests are typically more engaged with the hotel, and are more likely to spend more throughout their stay.



• 15% of guests check in online (25% in some months)
• 14% higher ADR for guests who use online check-in

“Mews helps to give our guests a more modern experience, from self-check-in to instant payments, making them more engaged with our hotel as well as increasing their average spend.”

Mews Payments save time and reduces risk



Taking guest payments can be a time-consuming and impersonal part of the guest journey.



Mews Payments allows Hotel Oderberger to automate the payment process, saving time for staff and guests. Once they have the guest’s payment details, they can charge them almost instantly at any stage of the guest journey without the guest having to provide their card again. Security protocols like 3D Secure and PCI DSS ensure that every transaction is safe and minimizes the risk of fraud, while Mews payment terminals complete a fully integrated payments ecosystem.



• 100% payment automation through Mews Payments for card transactions
• 0.06% chargeback rate (travel industry average is 0.5%)

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Integration spotlight

Hotel Oderberger are currently connected to 13 integrations through Mews Marketplace.


UpsellGuru is a pre-arrival room upselling tool that lets guests bid on room upgrades. The connection with Mews means that upselling and inventory updates is fully automated, helping Hotel Oderberger maximize revenue, minimize free upgrades, and enhance the guest experience.


Revinate is a CRM (customer relationship management) tool that specializes in helping hoteliers engage with their guests more effectively. Customer data is taken directly from Mews and used to automate marketing campaigns, ultimately helping the team drive direct bookings and improve guest satisfaction.

Looking ahead

Although the team at Hotel Oderberger are already seeing great results in terms of automation, there’s still more they want to achieve. They’d like to automate more of the guest journey while at the same time increasing the amount of personalization, which is possible through Mews and smart customer relationship integration partners. And, of course, the team aim to be named Best Hotel in Berlin for next year too.

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Make it remarkable.

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