Hotel Oderberger customer story

Hotel Oderberger empowers its staff with Mews

A family-owned boutique hotel housed in a historic structure in Berlin was able to transform its operations, work more efficiently, and improve the experience for staff by switching to Mews. 

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Automated payments


Online check-in rate


Empowered staff and happier guests


Hotel Oderberger had been using a home-grown, outdated property management system. It was slow and getting worse as it struggled to keep up with increasing amounts of data. The system was frustrating to the staff and couldn't keep pace with business and guest needs.


Owner, Verena Jaeschke and General Manager Tini Diekman set out to find a cloud-based platform. After speaking with several vendors, they found Mews – with its intuitive interface, marketplace of integrations and shared vision for the future of hospitality. 

  • Easier to onboard new people who can learn the system quickly.
  • Digital solutions for guests to self-serve with online check-in, check-out and chat.
  • Faster, better service for their guests.
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"People seem to be afraid that technology will will make them lose their job or reduce the contact with the customer. But technology actually gives us more time with our customers such as telling them where the best restaurants are, answer their questions, and make them feel at home. Because technology optimizes the stuff nobody wants to do."


Contactless and efficient payments


The team at Hotel Oderberger are always looking for more ways to work more efficiently and improve their guests’ experiences. Payments was one area that they found was taking a significant amount of time with tasks such as getting the guest’s credit card at arrival, punching in the information, getting a signature, and everything else that goes along with a manual process. 


As a cloud platform with embedded payments, Mews Payments now saves the staff – and their guests – a significant amount of time at arrival. 

  • Staff save time, which is time they can connect with guests.
  • Guests have a seamless experience when they arrive.
  • They’re more eco-conscious and no longer have to print and store paper slips.
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“Now we already have the credit card from the guest on file, and when he comes here, we just say, 'Hello, welcome. May we charge your card?' and in one click the whole bill is settled. No need to print slips, worry if you have paper, type in numbers or anything like that.”

Digital transformation boosts sustainability


Sustainability is an important part of Hotel Oderberger’s vision and mission. As such, they needed a platform that allowed them to continue to be a part of the community as well as to reduce their footprint through solutions like skipping room cleaning.


Through integrations that help them improve their energy efficiency and the partnership between Mews properties and Hotels for Trees, Hotel Oderberger has found more ways to reduce their environmental impact. 

  • Vouchers help them attract members of the local community, which increases their revenue from guests who don't need to travel far.
  • During the energy crisis in Germany, they managed to keep costs down 22% more than expected.
  • 15 integrations 
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"If you skip the room cleaning, you can either get a rubber duck or a drink for the bar or an entry to the pool. And it's really cool that more and more people are aware of this part, that they can be part of sustainability.


Looking ahead

The Oderberger Hotel Group, owned by Verena, her mother and her sister, recently opened a second property, Villa Bleichröeder, on the coast of Germany, which also uses Mews. They also plan to continue to look for more ways to digitalize their properties and streamline their operations. 


Make it remarkable.

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