Hotel Paradiso customer story

Mews helps Hotel Paradiso bring the joy of cinema to guests

The one-of-a-kind Parisian cinema-hotel uses Mews’ agile tech to manage multiple bookable services. 

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RevPAR increase


from 2021 to 2022

higher RevPAR through direct bookings


compared to channel managers

online check-in rate


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“With Mews, managing multiple space types is easy. Having everything in the same platform saves time operationally and makes reporting much easier too."

Multiple bookable services managed through Mews



As well as bedrooms, Hotel Paradiso have other bookable services such as karaoke booths and day use rooms.



Mews allows Hotel Paradiso to easily manage multiple space types within the same platform. From their website, three separate Mews Booking Engines allow customers to book each of these services just as they would for a typical stay.



• €45 higher RevPAR through direct bookings compared to channel managers
• ~€50k generated through extra bookable services this year, all managed within Mews Operations
•3.9% booking engine conversion rate (3.3% is the industry average)

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Hotel Paradiso Portrait body image - 1076x1352-50

Automation powers impressive results



The PMS is the central hub of a hotel’s tech stack and it needs to be powerful and flexible to enable revenue growth while enabling great guest experiences.



Mews Hospitality Cloud harnesses the power of automation. This empowers the Hotel Paradiso team to work more efficiently, with fewer repetitive manual tasks and more time to focus on guests. Meanwhile, easy connections to important integrations and the flexibility of the Mews system to manage multiple space types helps the team to meet their KPIs.



• 17% ADR increase from 2021 to 2022
• 23% RevPAR increase from 2021 to 2022

“What we appreciate about Mews is that it is always improving; it really feels like the modern hotel solution."

Integration spotlight


SpotPilot is an innovative revenue management solution designed to boost profits. It’s easy to implement and set up with multiple profiles, while its AI-powered solution offers the team fast, connected and automated 24/7 revenue management.


Bowo is a digital solution that enhances the guest experience for Hotel Paradiso customers. From an app installed on a tablet, guests can find and book all internal services such as cinema rooms, which boosts upsell revenue for the hotel and also increases guest satisfaction.

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