Locale customer story

Locale elevate their guest journey through automation

The tech-savvy US aparthotel brand also use Mews to boost operational efficiency and revenue.




saved per check-in

5 minutes

direct bookings

Over 50%


Seamless onboarding with a small team



Moving to a new property management system can be time-consuming and disruptive if the right processes aren’t in place.



With the support of a Mews Implementation Manager, the onboarding was performed remotely with a clear timeline and responsibilities established in a welcome call, comprehensive help documentation provided throughout, and interactive learning tools to ensure every user gets up to speed quickly.



• Implementation for each property took an average of two weeks
• 100% online process with minimum disruption

“When it came to setting up the properties on the system, it couldn't have been easier. We don't have a whole lot of in-house engineering experience but it was as easy as it could be for us. I couldn't have better things to say about onboarding.”
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A faster, more modern check-in



Locale wanted to offer online check-in for their guests, but it wasn’t possible with their previous system.



With Mews Online Guest Services, online check-in and check-out is easy. Automated emails are simple to set up, informing guests that they can check-in in advance on their phones, while a connected payments system also cuts check-in times. The team is also working on implementing Operto’s guest portals, which provides a single web-app for mobile keys, check-in and check-out, housekeeping requests and more.



• In some properties, over a third of guests use online check-in
• Similarly, 20% of guests use online check-out
• Five minutes saved on average cumulative check-in time

“Messaging and the user journey is more automated than it was before, which levels up our operational efficiency, leading to happier people and ultimately a better experience for the guest.”
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A connected booking process



Locale’s previous booking engine provided guests with a disjointed user experience, requiring a separate system for payments.



The Mews Booking Engine has a clean and simple interface, with an intuitive user journey that encourages more conversions. A fully integrated payment system makes booking faster for guests, and makes reporting cleaner and easier for the Locale team.



• More than 50% direct bookings
• 60% of payments are automated through Mews Payments

“The Mews Booking Engine has made booking an easier, more simplified process. It's just a better user experience. Direct bookings have gone up over the last 12 months and part of that is probably due to the technology and the interface being better.”
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Integration spotlight

Locale use a number of integrations, from revenue management to payment integration.


Operto provide specialized vacation rental and hotel automation technology, integrating smoothly with Mews and smart devices to enable a contact-free guest experience and streamlined operations. Smart locks, thermostats, sensors, and other smart devices fall under their umbrella, with dashboards that make it easy for hoteliers to track performance.

“We try to leverage as many systems as we can in terms of guest-facing products to improve their stay, and Operto are one of the most innovative options. And also operationally, Operto brings a lot to the table, especially with the monitoring technology built into the user interface.”

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Looking ahead

The success with which Locale performed during the pandemic has left the team very excited to truly restart their growth engine and really accelerate their success and expansion. The priority is to open new locations in more cities across the US, but they also have their sights set on international destinations, all the while promoting tech-enabled, sustainable stays.


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