Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin customer story

Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin embraces digital transformation

Mews is at the heart of this Accor conference hotel’s modern set-up, driving efficiencies and helping the property to become more connected.

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increase in ADR over first six months


credit card payment automation


of bookings are groups of 10+


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“A lot of hoteliers call us about moving to Mews. I recommend them to do it and I always tell them I would definitely do it again.”

Automated payments save time and hassle



MOA Berlin’s previous PMS did not charge credit cards automatically, meaning charges had to be posted manually.



Mews Payments automatically charges the guest’s card at the point of the hotelier’s choosing. It also securely stores payment details so that if a guest incurs further charges, the hotel staff can easily retrieve the necessary payment without the need for an in-person card transaction. Not only does this save time and cut manual errors, it makes for a smoother guest experience.



• 99% of credit card payments are automatically processed through Mews Payments

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“Most very old PMSs such as our previous system don't charge credit cards automatically. With Mews, we can automate all of this in the backend. It's all about optimization and giving our front office team more time for the customers.”

Mews helps MOA sustainability



MOA Berlin wanted to operate more sustainably across their operations.



The group implemented green solutions such as electric charging stations for parking and are on their way to becoming the first emission-free conference hotel. Mews also plays a key role in reducing waste across various parts of the guest’s stay, including digital registration cards for online check-in, app-based task management, and email receipts.



• Receipts are automatically emailed to guests rather than printed, cutting paper waste
• Task management (such as housekeeping and maintenance) is also done digitally
• Part of Accor’s Planet 21 sustainability program

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“By helping us to become more digital, Mews helps us to go paperless and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Reliable two-way integrations



Legacy PMSs often make it difficult to integrate with third-party tools, charging high connection fees and taking months to connect.



Mews Marketplace has over 600 hotel tech integrations that have been tested and approved for use. Many of these are plug and play, and those that aren’t can be up and running in days rather than weeks. For an events specialist like MOA Berlin, it was vital to connect to industry-leading event management software via a live and reliable two-way integration.



• €0 paid in integration connection fees
• Instant, free access to their live data via Mews Open API

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“We didn't want to pay for every integration we’re doing. We needed a PMS with an established marketplace so we can easily connect to convention space tools, for example. It’s the same with APIs: we wanted a system where we could just grab the data, and Mews lets us do that.”

Integration spotlight

Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin currently uses 15 integrations, including event management, revenue management, and a point-of-sale solution.


Revinate is a CRM and marketing automation tool specialized for the hotel industry and dedicated to improving the guest experience. The Mews integration has allowed MOA Berlin to use platform data build a reliable guest database with segments for marketing. This information is used to inform guest communications, such as creating customized email journeys for particular demographics.

Event Temple

Event Temple is an events management platform that MOA Berlin use for their conferences and events. A live two-way integration with Mews allows the team to create and update groups of reservations in Event Temple that map seamlessly to Mews; search for Mews reservations inside Event Temple; and view rates, availability and room types from Mews inside of Event Temple.
“I like the way that Mews doesn’t think in rooms, but in customers. It can be hard for some people in hospitality to understand this new approach of Mews at first, but it really helped us in our customer centricity journey.”

Looking ahead

Currently, MOA offers three services: MOA Stay, MOA Eat and MOA Meet. To reflect the changing work environment and to make better use of their meeting spaces, they are planning to introduce MOA Work by 2023. This will provide flexible co-working space for both guests and locals, and will be fully integrated into their hotel solution.

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