Oversight hotel management

Hotel management group embraces Mews' flexibility

The French start-up supports eight hotels in Paris with hotel management – and all of them use Mews Hospitality Cloud.

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8 hotels


600+ rooms


54,000 annual guests

About Oversight hotel management start-up

Oversight is a company created by Stanislas Wargny that assists hoteliers in the implementation and monitoring of an innovative and growth-generating management model. It currently supports eight independent hotels in Paris, including Victoria Palace Hotel, Le Tsuba Hotel, Hotel Opera Liege and Hotel Villa Saxe. Each hotel has its own identity and maintains a local connection.

Management tasks in the hotels are handled by three people: a COO (operations), a CSO (security) and a CMO (marketing). Oversight helps them to manage their hotel, particularly with Mews, by leveraging a team of asset managers and strong data monitoring to help with decision making and lean management.

Oversight’s eight hotels consist of 600 rooms and welcome around 54,000 guests in a typical year. When Oversight was choosing a new property management for their partner hotels, the most important factor was the need for an agile, flexible solution that could be used and adapted to meet the needs of each hotel.

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Eight hotels onboarded in three weeks


Implementing a new hospitality system across multiple hotels at the same time is logistically difficult and time-consuming.


The Mews Implementation Team devised an accelerated onboarding plan to meet the group's timeline, including a dedicated day of training and access to Mews University where all staff can learn how to use Mews through online video tutorials.


• Eight hotels went live within three weeks
• 94 out of 95 staff preferred Mews to the previous PMS

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A modern user experience for all staff


Traditional property management systems provide a poor user experience and can only be accessed on-premises.


All elements of Mews Hospitality Cloud are designed with both guest and user experience in mind. The platform is clean, simple, and intuitive to use. The fact that Mews is entirely cloud-based and accessible anywhere from any device has also improved staff engagement.


• Staff now log in to check tasks before arriving at work because it provides a quick overview of the day ahead and is an easy way to prepare

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“If you want your employees to develop and provide the best customer experience, then you need to provide the best tools and technology for them. And the best technology for my hotels is Mews.”

Stanislas Wargny
Founder and CEO, Oversight

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Unrivalled connectivity with Mews Marketplace


Every hotel in the group is different and has different needs, requiring access to specialist solutions.


Mews is truly open – managers of each hotel are able to pick and choose their own integrations from Mews Marketplace. A team of data scientists working for Oversight were able to plug in their custom application to Mews Open API, allowing them to be completely flexible when running and analyzing their data.


• 450+ available integrations
• All decision-making across the business is now informed with accurate, up-to-date data

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“I want to be independent and work with a partner who gives me the freedom of choice. Mews falls into that category because it gives me control over my data and lets me connect with whatever service I want through their integrations.”

Stanislas Wargny
Founder and CEO, Oversight

Looking ahead

Oversight will continue to build on their successes with Mews, particularly in the area of automating check in and check out processes. Ultimately, they'd like to front desk staff not to have to perform any check-ins, but focus entirely on welcoming guests – something that's a real possibility with Mews.

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