Prinz von Hessen customer story

Prinz von Hessen marries luxury service with modern technology

German full-service hotel brand embraces cloud technology for more agile booking, check-in, and event management.

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ADR increase


from June 2021 to March 2022

conversion rate


with Mews Booking Engine

online check-in rate


at Hotel Ole Liese

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Embracing a booking engine with high conversions



Check-out website abandonment is a problem faced by all industries, and hotels can lose out on potential reservations because of a poor user journey.



Prinz von Hessen use Mews Booking Engine for both hotels. The guest journey has been designed to be as simple as possible, with a clean interface that makes for easy navigation and booking. Add-ons can also be added to the cart, such as bottle of wine from their own winery or pet fees, and there are a number of rate options for guests, such as refundable or non-refundable rates.



• Schlosshotel Kronberg has a conversion rate of 4.3%, almost double the industry average of 2.2%
• 16% higher ADR for booking engine reservations compared to channel manager bookings

“The data shows us that direct bookings have a higher average spend, so anything we can do to encourage them is good for business – the Mews Booking Engine is a big help.”

Connecting to a huge integration marketplace



Full-service properties often have many moving parts and revenue streams, which can be hard to connect and keep track of.



Mews Marketplace is home to hundreds of integrations that connect directly with the Mews platform, allowing Prinz von Hessen to streamline the management of additional areas such as events and F&B. Fees from multiple sources can all be attributed to the same guest profile, ensuring an accurate record of total guest spending for reports, while guests get simpler billing.



• Mews Marketplace has over 600 hospitality integrations to connect to
• €0 paid in connection fees

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“When it comes to connectivity, Mews is best in class. It’s very easy to connect to new solutions and build the tech stack that suits our properties. We are impressed by the smooth flow among the different partners and the high quality of the Mews support team.”

Integration spotlight

Prinz von Hessen use 10 integrations, including a point-of-sale solution and a business intelligence tool.


Thynk (formerly MYCE Cloud) is a customer centric meeting, events and venue management software that provides a full 360° view on MICE operations and gives Prinz von Hessen one place to manage these operations. The solution embraces automation and data management to reduce administration and increase productivity, with the help of a direct connection with Mews to create and update reservations, guest profiles and more.


SynXis is a leading inventory and reservations management solution that allows Prinz von Hessen to easily set up and manage their tailored distribution strategy. The two-way integration with Mews means that reservations, rate updates and room inventory are always up to date with no need for manual imports between the two platforms.

Looking ahead

As Prinz von Hessen only went live with Mews in 2021, the team is still exploring ways to improve their already remarkable guest experience, particularly when it comes to embracing digitalization. Their next step will be the integration of the internal and external guest communication with different applications. Together with the support from Mews and integration, the brand is keen to build to the future.

Bonus fact: Schlosshotel Kronberg was used as a filming location for Spencer, the 2021 film about Princess Diana. The hotel and grounds doubles for Sandringham estate in the UK, reflecting the group’s royal connection.


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