Sitges Group Apartments customer story

Automation transforms Sitges Group Apartments

Spanish apartment group uses hotel tech to improve staff and guest happiness.

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About Sitges Group Apartments

Sitges Group Apartments is a collection of designer apartments based around the beautiful historical town of Sitges, just a little down the coast from Barcelona. The group has six buildings, either in the old town or by the seafront, and each of which has a selection of stylishly fitted apartments.

To find out how they’re getting on with Mews, we took a trip to sunny Sitges. For a rounded view, we first went to the top and spoke to Marc Fontanals, CEO, and then checked in with the staff on the ground with a visit to the front desk.

Automation saves 6-8 hours every week

Marc Fontanals, CEO:

"I’m in charge of the management of the 28 apartments that we have here in Sitges. Mews has helped our property with huge time savings, with the connections between our different departments – basically in doing everything in one click, which inevitably helps us extensively. In our case, for example, we have saved about 6 to 8 hours weekly."

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Fast, stress-free check-in for guests – and staff

Manuel Ruiz del Sol, front desk:

"One of the best integrations that Mews has developed is the option to allow guests to check in online, which means time they save instead of doing their check-in in our office.

Another advantage with Mews is that, for example, it offers the option to scan our guests’ passports. In this respect, you show the passport on screen, and all the guest’s details come up straightaway. Therefore, we don’t spend so much time inputting them manually as we used to with our old PMS."


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"Mews is like the Apple of the software systems. Everything is so visual, and most importantly, so intuitive."

Marc Fontanals
CEO, Sitges Group Apartments

Innovative hotel tech enables smoother processes

Marc Fontanals:

"An integration that they have recently introduced is the partnership with Assa Abloy security doors, which makes the process of adding the door lock codes much easier, as we can introduce the codes ourselves from the office."

Manuel Ruiz del Sol:

"Another of the functionalities that Mews offers is their guest messaging tool: the guest is able to write direct messages through an app, and also, when they make the reservation, Mews sends all the information automatically to them, removing all the manual work."


Mews is the Apple of property management systems

Marc Fontanals:

"As an anecdote, I always say that for me Mews is like the Apple of the software systems. Everything is so visual, and most importantly, so intuitive.

I recommend Mews to all Spanish hotels, it is a software that invests so much in technology, in particular all the integrations that they have and will have in the future, and I believe it’s the present and future of the PMS."

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