Slagharen Themepark & Resort customer story

Slagharen Themepark & Resort manages its complex operations through Mews

The Dutch theme park, part of the global Parques Reunidos group, uses Mews to automate numerous processes and streamline staff and guest experiences. 

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Payments processed automatically


saved per check-in

> 1min

live integrations


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“Slagharen is not only a holiday park, but also an attraction park. We needed a system that was open to easily connect and share data with other systems, and we found a very good solution in Mews.”

Streamlined check-ins, even during busy times



Most guest stays begin on Friday afternoon, meaning hundreds of arrivals need to be handled efficiently in a short space of time.



Mews’ simple and logical user interface helps to make check-in fast and easy. Also, offering guests the option to check in online saves further time for staff and reduces queues on site. This is particularly helpful during the global staffing shortage, as the Slagharen team was able to operate effectively with fewer staff.



• More than one minute saved per check-in, saving the equivalent daily work of more than one full-time employee
• More time to spend on guest engagement

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Fully automated payments through a custom API



Traditional payment processes were slowing down check-ins upon arrival. There were also time-consuming manual processes for staff, including registering payments and reconciliation.



Slagharen created their own payment service and connected it to Mews using Mews Open API. It’s now responsible for all payments – over 85% of guests pay upfront. The finance team no longer has to manually register payments or reconcile differences as it’s all automated. They also use Mews Terminals for a fully connected payments ecosystem.



• 100% of payments are processed automatically
• Big time savings for the finance and front-desk teams
• 3 chargebacks in two years

An enterprise, multi-property solution



Parques Reunidos looked for a hospitality cloud that could be implemented across its whole portfolio. Among other things, this required multi-property and international support.



Mews Hospitality Cloud works seamlessly across different properties and borders. The user interface is intuitive and in the local language, making it fast for new staff to onboard. Mews is also fully cloud-based, meaning no costly or complicated server installations and maintenance, plus a higher uptime.



• Mews is already live in Slagharen (Netherlands), Safari Park (Spain) and will be used for the new Tropical Island (Germany)
• Support in all major languages
• Guaranteed 99.9% uptime through Mews’ SLA

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“Reporting in Mews is easy, saving a lot of time across departments. Reports can also be scheduled, again resulting in big time savings, and we can be sure the data is always accurate and up to date.”

Integration spotlight

As well as using Mews API for custom connections, Slagharen uses Mews Marketplace to connect with a number of leading hotel tech integrations, including automated energy saving tool and custom welcome messages through the entertainment system. 


RevControl is a Dutch revenue management system with comprehensive analytics, competitor rate shopping and automatic recommended rates. Thanks to this advanced planning, Slagharen has seen improved occupancy and fewer overbookings.


Hotek is a leading digital room key solution. Through the Hotek integration with Mews, Slagharen guests can use their phones as digital keys to access their rooms. These keys can be issued by staff with a single ‘check-in and create key’ button.

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