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TBC Hotels increase guest satisfaction and revenue using Mews

The US group’s independent properties opt for Mews to offer more flexibility to guests and deliver authentic hospitality powered by smart tech. 

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Guests check in online

1 in 4

At the Poppy Georgetown

Automated payments


Success rate

Guests average spend


On add-ons and upsell

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“We always say that vacation should be a celebration, and Mews makes it easy to deliver on that promise. With the repetitive tasks out of the way thanks to automation, the team has more time and energy to curate a more elevated guest experience.”

Automated payments that maximize revenue



To maximize their revenue, TBC Hotels wanted an automated solution for managing a seamless guest experience that would make it easy for guests to pay and for their staff to process payments.



By embracing Mews Payments, TBC Hotels lets their guests pay quickly and securely throughout various touchpoints. Payments can be completed at the time of booking, during online check-out, or taken onsite during the stay. TBC Hotels can send payment requests for any remaining charges with just one click. Mews Payments transactions meet the highest security protocols while staying fast and frictionless for everyone involved.



• 100% automated payments success rate
• 100% booking engine pre-payment success rate

TBC Hotels increase guest satisfaction and revenue using Mews Website body Image 5 1076 x 1352-50
TBC Hotels increase guest satisfaction and revenue using Mews Website body Image 4 1076 x 1352-50

More direct bookings equals more upsells



For hotels, the high visibility offered by OTAs comes at the cost of high commissions. Direct bookings are the most cost-efficient way of driving ancillary revenue.



Besides ensuring a smooth and consistent guest journey, Mews Booking Engine significantly increased direct bookings for TBC Hotels. Selecting add-ons such as champagne and pet fees is a breeze, leading to higher revenue and increased guest satisfaction. And with a quarter of guests completing online check-in, front desk staff finally have more time to engage with guests in a more personable way.



• Guests spend an average of $77 on add-ons and upsell
• 25% online check-in rate for The Poppy Georgetown
• 4.2% booking engine conversion rate (industry average for independent hotels is 3.3%)

“Going digital is the only way forward. Sparing guests and staff from tedious admin like check-in and payments opens up the space for authentic hospitality, which is all about building meaningful connections.”

Integration spotlight


Using GuestRevu's award-winning guest feedback and reputation management solutions, TBC Hotels can gain a deeper, guest-focused understanding of their operational strengths and weaknesses. It also allows the team to monitor and manage their online reputation and improve guest satisfaction to drive more direct bookings and, ultimately, revenue.


With a powerful two-way connection with Mews, LodgIQ provides intelligent pricing recommendations. TBC Hotels receives rates and availability in real-time whilst effortlessly pushing rate recommendations to Mews from the Lodgiq interface. This allows the team to strategically manage their market position with a customizable competitor set.

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