Tusity customer story

Tusity uses Mews to power successful co-living hospitality

The Spanish blended hospitality brand embraces hotel tech to give guests a seamless journey while boosting revenue. 

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RevPAR increase


from 2021 to 2022



in two years

average check-in time at Mews Kiosks

<3 minute

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“The ease of use of Mews really sets it apart. From reservations management to invoicing and across the whole customer journey, everything is logical and simple to use.”

Mews Multi-Property brings big time savings



Managing a complex portfolio of properties can be a manual and time-consuming process.



Mews Multi-Property offers centralized user management, simplifying access control across all properties. Tusity can now manage rates and coupons globally, ensuring pricing consistency and saving time. Global account adjustments simplify financial control and management, allowing for streamlined operations and insightful data analysis.



• Significant operational time savings
• Reduced administrative overhead and human errors
• 150+ employee profiles easily managed

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"Mews Multi-Property reduces administrative overhead, minimizes errors, and ensures cohesive operations. Now we can manage our properties even more efficiently, maintain our brand consistency, and gain a competitive edge in the industry. We believe that Mews Multi-Property is the key to unlocking a new level of operational excellence in the world of hotel management."

Speedy onboarding and training for new staff



New staff members need to be able to quickly learn complex systems like the PMS without demanding too much time and resource from busy colleagues.



Mews University allows Tusity to offer a smooth onboarding to all new team members, regardless of whether they have existing hospitality experience. Role-based learning paths guide staff through the relevant areas of Mews Hospitality Cloud without the need for supervision, while instructive video tutorials and certification ensures every new starter can use the platform confidently. All of this was also a huge help when onboarding new locations.



• 1 day of training for new staff on Mews University, followed by targeted team-by-team specifics
• 7 days between welcome call and go live for Tusity WOW
• 14 days between welcome call and go live for Tusity WOW

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Tusity uses Mews Portrait body image - 1076x1352 copy-50

A digital, flexible guest journey



The modern guest requires a modern guest journey, starting at the booking processes and in particular upon arrival.



Tusity uses Mews Booking Engine to allow guests to easily book direct straight from their website. A price comparison widget compares prices to leading OTAs, encouraging guests to get the best deal by booking direct. Tusity also give guests a variety of check-in options, including online check-in and self-check-in using kiosks at two locations. This allows guests to take control of their own arrival, giving staff more time to spend with guests who want a more traditional experience.



• 2.8-minute average check-in time at Mews Kiosks
• 22% online check-in rate at Tusity YEAH
• 17% online check-in rate at Tusity OMG Westeros
• 5.2% booking engine conversion for Tusity WOW

Secure transactions through Mews Payments



Chargebacks can be time-consuming to deal with and have a negative impact on revenues and reporting.



Mews Payments is a highly secure payments gateway that automates payment processing and reduces the likelihood of chargebacks. This saves time for the finance team while security protocols like PCI DSS and 3D Secure also protect customers.



• Zero chargebacks in two years
• 98% of card payments automated through Mews Payments

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“We connect to so many fantastic integrations through Mews and it’s always surprising how simple it is. There are no hidden costs and it doesn’t take long at all.”

Integration spotlight


Tusity uses a check-in kiosk integration with Salto locks which allows them to automate the check-in process and the generation of room keys. This integration solutions provides a seamless arrival and departure experience to their guests, while also saving time for their operational team.


ReviewPro is a customer management tool that lets Tusity build effective in-stay or post-stay surveys to identify detailed insight into what guests like or dislike. Customized reports and alerts make it easy to act quickly on feedback, helping to boost their online reputation.

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