Yalo customer story

Yalo epitomizes modern, multi-space hospitality

The forward-thinking Belgian hotel uses Mews to help manage meeting their spaces as well as rooms. 

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7% booking engine conversion rate


€55k+ in meeting room bookings

in less than a year 
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100% of card payments automated

through Mews Payments 

About Yalo

Yalo is a boutique hotel in Ghent’s city center. As well as 92 beautifully designed rooms, the property boasts a luxurious cocktail and wine bar, a restaurant, bookable meeting rooms and a stunning rooftop view. They combine modern, tech-enabled hospitality with an exciting sense of community, and have been with Mews since their opening in 2021. 

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“Mews allows us to go beyond rooms. For instance, we can manage meeting room spaces in exactly the same way in the same platform, generating extra revenue without extra hassle.”

Bert Serry
Operations Manager, Yalo

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Multiple booking engines with Mews


Yalo offers frequent and varied promotion rates that need to be managed easily within one platform with easy booking for guests.


With Mews, it’s easy to create multiple space types and multiple booking engines. Yalo have created several booking engines for special promotions in their stay service, with everything managed within the Mews platform, including reporting. Keeping everything in-platform eliminates any third-party fees or commission.


• 7% booking engine conversion (the average for independent hotels is 3.3%)
• €55k+ in meeting room bookings in less than a year, generated through Pxier then added to Mews

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Modern payments for modern guests


A large part of Yalo’s demographic are young guests and business guests, who typically expect more modern and varied payment options.


Mews Payments allows guests to pay at multiple parts of their stay, and once card details have been taken by the hotel, any further payments can be made instantly without the need to provide the card again. Because card details are tokenized and each card requires 3DS authentication for its first use, chargebacks and instances of fraud are extremely rare.


• 100% payment automation for all card transactions
• 0.02% chargeback ratio
• Alternative payment options are accepted, such as Google Pay and Apply Pay

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“Each guest has a different set of preferences and expectations, and Mews gives us the power and flexibility to meet and exceed them.”

Bert Serry
Operations Manager, Yalo

Integration spotlight

Juyo Hotel Analytics

Juyo Hotel Analytics is an analytics and data visualization platform that empowers the Yalo team to make data-driven business decisions. Customizable dashboards and interactive analytics are built from guest and hotel data that automatically synchronizes with Mews, ultimately helping the team to become more profitable.

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Pxier Events

Pxier Events is a cloud-based event management solution that Yalo use for scheduling meeting rooms. Its simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to organize data and guide informed decisions based on KPIs.

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