Rate management software

Manage your property's rates your way

Unlock creative ways to maximize your revenue. From room prices to products to spaces around your property, Mews makes it easy to adjust and optimize your rates to meet your revenue goals.

rate management software

Benefits of rate management from Mews

Optimize your inventory, attract more guests and boost your profits with Mews. You don’t need a degree in advanced mathematics for successful rate management - just easy-to-use, flexible software with automation to help you maximize your revenue.

Automated rate management

Set your rates and let the technology do the rest.


Think bigger - take rate management from rooms to spaces.

Bulk rate options

Adjust rates across properties and portfolios with just a few clicks.

Easy-to-use interface

Assign rates to categories and eliminate repetitive tasks.

rate management
Special rates for bundles

Enhance the guest experience for less 

Give guests more ways to customize their stay with the ability to easily bundle products with their stay at special rates set by you.


Easily add unique products to make the stay special 


Customize the rate to reach more of your target customers


Adjust the rules and restrictions that work for you 

Attribute-based pricing

Attract more guests with flexible pricing

When it comes to your guests, your rooms and your products, one-size (and one price) does not fit all. Grow key segments like families and weekday-guests along with your revenue by using automations that adjust pricing by attribute.   


Age-based pricing


Dynamic product pricing


Space-type pricing 


Prices by day

hotel rate management
grow your revenue even faster

40+ RMS integrations

– No connection fees

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is rate management software, and how does it benefit my hotel?

Rate management software empowers hotels to optimize their pricing strategies, maximizing revenue and occupancy. Through automation, hotels can dynamically adjust rates based on various attributes and available inventory. By setting rules, the system effortlessly adapts to changes, eliminating the need for manual updates. This automation enables hoteliers to attract diverse guest segments and create enticing pricing offers, including packages and business accounts. Furthermore, the software's automation enhances staff efficiency, leading to cost reductions.

How does this software integrate with my hotel's existing reservation system?

Rate management software from Mews integrates seamlessly with Mews PMS. The integration means rate updates happen in real time and across all platforms. You can relax knowing your rates are consistent everywhere they appear. And as for efficiency? That’s covered too. Your rate management system also works automatically to save time and take human error out of the equation. 

Is rate management software suitable for different types of hotels and properties?

Absolutely. Rate management software from Mews is flexible and versatile and can adapt to fit the needs of any type of accommodation. Whether you have a cozy boutique hotel, a sprawling chain, or a dreamy resort. It's also scalable, and can adjust to changes in your business goals or the marketplace. 

What should I look for and what makes rate management software from Mews different?

When selecting rate management software, it is important to take into account various features. These include reporting, the ability to integrate with existing systems, how intuitive and easy to use the interface is, and how easy it is to customize to meet your needs. One of the most important things to look for is the flexibility of pricing rules and whether it supports multiple currencies. At Mews, our goal is to continuously find new ways to add automation that can save your staff time, increase revenue and deliver great guest experiences. Our rate management software does that with a simple interface and efficient ways to manage restrictions.