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What makes us unique? Smartpricing is a simple, intuitive dynamic pricing solution based on state of the art machine learning algorithms that will allow your property to deliver higher returns on all your Rooms.


Our unique value proposition is the ability of our sistem to run in full automation, because we know you do not have time to monitor statistics and analyse competitors during your busy schedule.


How do we do it? By integrating with MEWS, our software analyzes your hotel data comprehensively and in real time, meaning that we see every new reservation or cancellation that pops up in your property management system as soon as you record it.

At the same time, we monitor market activity, competitor prices, events, holidays and weather forecasts to develop a complete understanding of what is going on in your market.


All these data points allow Smartpricing to understand purchasing patterns and adjust pricing accordingly for the next 365 days.


Will you lose control over your prices? Don't worry, you won't. Our cloud based software enables quick and intuitive interactions with the algorithm, to allow price and strategy adjustments that will immediately reflect across all your sales channels.


**Supported features:**


- Dynamic PricingPrice sensitivity modeling

- Fully automated revenue management

- Analytics dashboard

- Multi-property Management

- Open API

- Automated Room-Type Pricing

- 365-Day Forward Pricing

- Dynamic Price Hierarchy Control

- Real-time price optimization

- Custom Reports

- Price Explanation