Hotel reporting software 

The data for powerful decisions 

Data and reporting from Mews give you the insights you need to understand your business. Customize a variety of detailed reports for the information that matters to you. See where you’re doing well and where you can improve. 

hotel reporting software

Benefits of data and reporting from Mews 

Data-informed decisions are smarter decisions. We believe you shouldn’t have to be a data expert to be able to measure and track the health of your business. Mews lets you see real-time information at a glance and adjust reports to meet your needs.  


Flexible reports put you in control. Get the data you need. Then change your settings to fit your needs.  


Get the most accurate information 24/7 with immediate updates reflected in the data. 


Every morning, get a report sent via email – no logging in to the PMS required. 


Modern, easy-to-read dashboards let you visualize the data you need without consolidating or exporting it. 

interactive reporting
Interactive reporting 

Track your property’s performance 

Dig into the data with a variety of interactive dashboards that let you access vital insights about business performance. Make smarter, more informed decisions with a variety of purpose-built and customizable reports. 


View historic data 

Need to pull in historical information? Mews lets you easily import daily revenue and occupancy information from a previous PMS. 

Track progress toward your goal 

Enter your target metrics for the coming year to track where you are on the path toward your business goals. 

Instantly updated  

Changes are reflected in real-time so you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. 

Get the data you need 

Interactive occupancy and availability reports make it easy to find exactly the information you need about your rooms. 
"With Mews, accessing and using our data is simple. Nothing is hidden; if you want something, you can just look for it yourself."  
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Portfolio-level reporting 

All your data, all in one place 

Access performance data and reporting for all your individual properties from the same dashboard. 


Get the full picture 

With all your reports in one place, you can easily switch between properties. With Mews Multi-Property, you can see the performance of an entire portfolio in one report. 

Track your financials 

Mews lets you monitor financial performance so you can quickly see how your business is performing and even schedule exports to go straight to your inbox. 

Manage user access  

Keep sensitive data private with the ability to control who can see data based on user rights by property or role. 

hours saved per week with ready-made reports
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data reporting
analytics to drive deeper insights

Analytics to drive deeper insights 

Mews analytics help you track performance, identify trends and gain valuable data-informed insights. Updated multiple times a day, you can easily see the health of your portfolio of properties to guide your business decisions. 


Manager reports 

The home for all your key statistics at-a-glance: revenue, occupancy, average daily rate and more. 

Aging balance 

An overview of open invoices sorted by age so you can easily track overdue payments and know who to go after for payment. 

Financial analytics 

The information you need for a view of your revenue, payments and accounting. 

Deposit ledger

Get an overview of all your guests’ deposits and payments that come in before their reservation.

Guest ledger

Keep track of which guests are checked in and who's due to arrive as well as an overview of your guests' running balances.

Outlet analytics 

Stay informed about all your outlets (such as POS or retail): monitor performance, compare revenue, and see a breakdown of every item that went through an outlet. 

Pickup analytics 

See the difference between the date of reservation creation and the date of its consumption – split by time frame – with pickup analytics. 

Trial balance

Monitor and analyze the financial health of your business and identify errors with an overview of unsettled balances.

Make it remarkable.

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Why is hotel reporting software important? 

Data can provide valuable insights about your business to help you understand what’s working and where you may need to take additional steps to improve. In the hospitality business, data can uncover trends in travel and occupancy, where guests are most likely to spend money, and even what services and products they value most. On top of that, you can look to data and reporting to guide your revenue management and pricing strategy, what types of guests you’re attracting and if guests are canceling or not showing up.  

What data is important for hotels?   

At Mews, we know that data and reporting can be confusing, which is why we created something we call Data Snaps. These are quick snapshots of important industry trends that can help you figure out what data to look at and how you compare with the rest of the industry.  

These include: occupancy, RevPAR and ADR, online check-in rates and other spaces that guests want to reserve. You can download a copy of the report here

What data can I get about my guests with the hotel reporting software from Mews? 

You can use the Mews customer profiles report to see an overview of your customer profiles, check that your customer profiles are 100% complete, generate a birthday report and merge customer profiles and use the information for personalized communications with guests about loyalty programs and offers. 

How can reports help you collect revenue? 

The Aging Balance Report gives you a quick way to see what invoices are overdue. That report can tell you who has not paid and can help your accounting team figure out who they should be contacting – and can also give your sales team important information to guide their activities.