Restaurant digital ordering

Digital Ordering

At the spa, the pool, or tucked under a blanket in their room, with a snap of a camera and a few clicks, guests can order and pay for their food and drink on their own with Mews POS Digital Ordering for hotel restaurants.

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Print QR codes

Post QR codes anywhere you want – the lounge, the lobby, the pool or rooms

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Order via a mobile device

Guests scan the QR code to access a digital and filterable menu, add items to cart and place their order

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Pay – or wait – and enjoy

With multiple ways to pay, guests have the freedom to pay straight away, start a tab, click and collect or put it on their room bill

Solutions for all situations

Unusual billing needs
Staff can easily split, share, settle and even refund bills with ease.

Room service orders
Our PMS integrations let you automatically charge F&B costs to a guest's final bill.

Requests for in-person ordering
No problem. The software allows staff to take orders the old-fashioned way or manually intervene on digital orders as needed.

Benefits for guests

Benefits for guests

Digital ordering gives guests more of what they want in one convenient package.

  • Pay their way
  • No face-to-face contact needed
  • Order in a minute or browse the menu leisurely – no rush, no fuss
Benefits for staff

Benefits for staff

Digital ordering saves staff time without sacrificing service.

  • Less time taking orders means more time prioritizing service
  • Digital tipping is included
  • Fewer staff taking orders results in lower operational costs

Ready to level up your operations?

Mews POS, combined with Mews PMS, gives you a total overview of your guests’ behavior so you can run your entire business seamlessly.

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