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Revenue management

You don’t need a degree in advanced mathematics for successful revenue management. You just need Mews' hotel revenue management software to optimize your inventories and maximize your profits.  

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Rate management

Your rates, your rules. Create and customize product rates and rules to suit your property, including special deals, dependencies, and restrictions. The Mews hotel yield management tool is easy to use, flexible, and will help to deliver growth for your business.


Base pricing

Easily set up the base price of a rate to ensure minimum space income. 


Category adjustments

Create space categories so that you can adjust prices for all spaces in that category at once. 


Price override rules

Override rates for specific dates, days of the week, and space categories for more revenue control. 


Rate dependency

Create a base rate and link to other rates, so base rate changes will also reflect in dependent rates.


Package rates

Mews hotel revenue management software makes managing package rates simple by automatically adding products to create packages within the reservation. You can set up your own product rules and the rates included within each product, driving revenue by giving guests a choice of booking options.

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We Need to Talk about Payments

Get your guide on how to navigate payments in hospitality, from the new generation of payment methods to the benefits of automation.


Revenue management integrations

Mews is very open when it comes to integrations – literally, in the case of Mews Open API. Connect custom revenue management solutions or search for the best hospitality tools via the Mews Marketplace if you need a specialist solution for even faster revenue growth.

Customer story

Old-Stock-Inn Hotel Room

“I got around £10 average rate growth in the first two months just by having the ability to flex rates in such an easy way. With Mews, it was just very simple, very easy.”

Jim Cockell
Owner, The Old Stocks Inn

Embrace limitless possibilities

Revenue management is only a small part of what you can do with Mews. Why not discover the rest?

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