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With functionalities like age categories for rooms and stay products (Child pricing), and pricing products dynamically different days of the week, Mews lets properties flexibly price their rooms and stay products and automate these tasks to save time.

Join Josef Lapka, VP, Product Management at Mews, for a 30-minute session to learn how to efficiently use our child pricing and other flexible pricing functionalities to save your staff's time and increase your conversion rates.

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An understanding of how flexible pricing works

How to efficiently use Child pricing and other flexible pricing functionalities

Q&A with our product experts


For a relative product on another product, can a product rule be set to add the service charge automatically without having to select both products manually?

Yes, the product rule can be set, relative to another product so you don't have to select both product manually. However, please specify the base product to which this relates to, so that the value can be adjusted according to your specification.

My products do not show the different age categories. Where do I have to set that somewhere?

Existing properties will be migrated to age-based pricing by the end of the year. If you wish to have access to this functionality sooner, please speak to your Customer Success Manager, who can arrange this.

Can a RMS (Revenue Management System) change the children supplements/discounts?

This depends on the functionality of your RMS, and their connection to our API. We’ve updated our API to add this new functionality, so it will require your RMS to update their connection. Our advice is to reach out to your RMS representative.

Can a Rate Management System change the children supplements/discounts?

In addition to modifying the price of a product daily, can I modify a specific product's availability for select days? For example: Product A is only available on Saturday and Sunday?

Currently we don't support restrictions on products, only accommodation. So at the moment you wouldn't be able to stop a product from being sold on specific days.

How can we add a city tax based on age? For example: for kids it’s 2X less city tax than for adults

If your city tax is applied through the in-built legal environment, then this section won't apply to you. It would have to be an update in the legal environment for that city. However, a workaround would be to use a product for city tax, and add different prices for each of the child categories that you have.

When will the connection with different channel managers be updated to support the use of age categories?

We've already made some ARI updates from us to Booking.com, and with our Channel Manager API, which some of our channel managers are using. We have some integrations that we are managing ourselves, which will be rolled out at a later stage. At the time of writing, we only support reservation delivery with managers like SiteMinder, SynXis, TravelClick. 

If I use age categories, can I delete the multiple breakfast products based on age?


Will it be possible to setup a product rule in the future to not charge children with a product? For example: city tax is only applicable for adults in Zurich.

It's not possible to specify that a product is only for adults, but a workaround would be to set the city tax to zero for age categories relating to children.

Can I create a discount on a specific rate to apply only to a specific company? For example: 10% discount on best available B&B rate applicable only to Mr. Smith company.

You can create a private rate with a discount on the base rate, and issue vouchers that apply to specific companies only.

Since bookings with children are usually cheaper, would it be possible to apply different rate restrictions to them?

The prices that we have is one rate. You can price the overwrites for different age categories. However, if you set up a specific family rate that has these prices supplied, then you can restrict that specific rate from being sold using our restriction management within Mews.

When will this feature be fully launched (including Products, City tax, configure space categories extra occupancy)?

We are fully launching before the end of the year. If you would like to be fast-tracked, please speak to your Customer Success Manager, who can provide us the details of your hotel.

Where can I set that children only have to pay the tourist tax from the age of 14?

If you're using Fixed City Tax, then this will be set up for you. However, if you want to have City Tax as a product, you would set the age categories to match your requirements, and anyone below aged 14 would have a City Tax product value of zero. Please refer to this help guide for more - https://help.mews.com/s/article/set-up-city-tax?language=en_US

Can we use flexible pricing to charge rate for BBK depending on time of reservation? Eg. If you buy up to 7 days before arriving 50€ later 55€?

We don't yet have time-based product pricing variances.

Age-based pricing - Rooms, Products, City tax: Will you allow absolute and relative (%) pricing (overrides) for all these?

Not for rooms, but we support absolute and relative pricing based on age for products. If your city tax is set up as a product, then this is also supported. Please refer to this help guide for more - https://help.mews.com/s/article/Configuring-the-pricing-details-of-a-product?language=en_US

When we change the base price on a product, why do all current booker reservations change the product prices?

If you amend the product price, we don't change the price for any products already purchased/reserved.

Is it possible to restrict age based adjustment for extra occupancy for just the Mews booking engine (distributor) but not the other reservation providers?

We don't support this yet, but this is on our radar.

We now use on our site a free Cot Product. Can guests add 1 infant (cot) extra, on top of a max 3 (2 regular occupants + 1 extra bed) regular adult (child) beds room?

We don't support this yet, but this is on our radar.

Can we restrict the number of products sold each day?

We don't support this yet.

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