Rethinking Hotel Payments

Part three in our Future of Hospitality series, we turn our attention to automated and integrated payments. Join our expert panel for insights into the big shifts in tech travel payments in 2021, how guest behaviour is changing, and hoteliers could stand to gain.

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16 March 2022

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14.00 - 14.15


It’s time to talk about hospitality payments

14.15 - 15.10

Discussion with panelists

Seamless payments and better experiences for guests

  • Customer expectations have changed across every industry. Guests expect effortless payments with their choice of payment method (digital wallets), less time queuing waiting to pay, secure payments, and better interaction and support.
  • Focus on the things that matter to your guests and make seamlessness a natural part of your offering.

Set and forget with automated payments

Let go of the past and let technology do the heavy lifting. Find out how payment automation can completely level-up your business.

  • Moving to integrated automated payments is all about improving operations and experiences for your staff and guests.
  • Think less manual input errors, managing chargebacks, and refunds directly from the guest bill.
  • Secure payments with a few clicks and everything stored centrally for you to review

Unlock new revenue and optimize existing revenue with better reporting

  • Generate new revenue with seamless payment options for guests. Upsell, cross-sell and build loyalty programs into the payment platform. More ancillary revenue, less time worrying about fraud.
  • With automation comes better data and reporting. Track your accounting and payments from a centralized dashboard. Build guest preferences and create spending profiles for future stays. It’s only going to get better...

15.10 - 15.30


Q&A via interactive app Sli.do

What you will learn


Industry experts walk us through strategies that can inspire change for you and your team


We consider the impact of hospitality’s payment evolution and what it means for guests and hoteliers


Live Q&A with a range of hoteliers and tech companies (large and small) to answer questions on all things payments



Gaston Aussems

Fintech Advisor and ex CEO of Mollie


Annemarie Graham



Edward Moore

Head of EMEA SaaS Platforms Revenue & Growth, Stripe


Richard Valtr

Founder, Mews


Mariusz Siwkowski

Digital Manager, MOA Group


Jelle Kaat

Product Director Fintech, Mews

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