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There’s a lot you can do in 60 seconds. Brush your teeth, gulp down a shot of espresso or make your bed. Or your guests can scan a QR code and order and pay for a meal at your hotel restaurant. 

No downloads or static menus

The whole goal of implementing digital ordering technology is to enhance the guest experience and to make ordering and paying for food and drinks as seamless as possible for guests.

But for many hotel restaurants, order and pay is still a clunky, archaic experience that leaves guests more frustrated than delighted. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way – not with advanced, agile technology that understands what guests want and need.

The reality is that your guests don’t want to download yet another app on their phones or tablets. They also don’t want to scan a QR code and be presented with a flat image of a menu that they can only read — and which usually requires them to pinch and zoom on tiny screens. 

The truth is: guests expect to be able to order food through a website with as little effort and as few clicks as possible. 

Give your guests a remarkable ordering experience

With our fully customized, easily navigable interfaces for our digital ordering platform, guests can scan a QR code in one second and then quickly and easily scan and scroll through your menu, add food and drink items to their cart, and place their orders.

Payments are just as easy.

Integrations with Apple Pay and Google Pay mean guests can pay in just two clicks. (Or charge their purchases to their room and pay when they check out) 

We think ordering and paying should be the least interesting part of your guest’s dining experience, unless, of course, it’s so easy and fun that they tell all their friends about it. 

By providing guests with a fully mobile ordering system you’ll not only enhance their experience, you’ll also empower your front of house staff to be more mobile and focus on providing great service. 

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