There was plenty to talk about at this year’s ITB Berlin, but the headline news was the announcement of the new strategic partnership between Mews and Amadeus.

What’s the reason for the partnership? Mews is all about connectivity and flexibility. We want hotels to build the tech stack that suits their specific needs, and that means providing seamless connections to the very best hospitality solutions. 

As such, we’re delighted to share four key integrations to key Amadeus solutions. They are: 

  1. Delphi
  2. GMS
  3. iHotelier
  4. Demand360 

Let’s take a few moments to explore what they do and how hoteliers stand to benefit. 

Four key integrations for the Mews + Amadeus partnership 


What does the integration do? 

Delphi is a popular sales and catering solution that’s been improving operations for over 30 years. The integrations will sync availability blocks and allow cancellations from Delphi to Mews, enable bi-directional block updates, and sync picked-up reservations from Mews to Delphi. 

The benefits for hoteliers 

Working with availability blocks is more streamlined as there’s no longer the need to manually create or sync blocks between Delphi and Mews. That’s a huge potential time saving, and it reduces the risk of manual errors. 

Delphi helps drive more group bookings, which have lower acquisition costs and fewer cancelations, making for more accurate demand forecasting. But, group bookings can sometimes bring operational difficulties like longer waits at check-in, extra work for reception to add services during the stay, and lines at breakfast and dinner during corporate events. 

Mews Guest Experience solves these problems. Online check-in and check-out minimize the admin required upon arrival and departure, while the self-serve Mews Kiosk keeps those reception queues short. Oh, and they’re both great opportunities to offer upsells. 

A product checklist helps predict capacity and avoid long lines at mealtimes, while automatic payment settlement means guests can make a swift exit to begin their homeward journey. In other words, the worlds of Delphi and Mews dovetail perfectly. 



What does the integration do? 

Amadeus’ GMS is a guest management solution used by hoteliers to drive guest loyalty and repeat business. The integration connects Mews to the loyalty management and email communications features of the GMS. This means hoteliers can easily manage: 

  • Guest communication from GMS, including pre-arrival and check-in emails and broader marketing campaigns 
  • Rich guest reporting through the GMS profile database using reservations synced from Mews 
  • Mews profiles with loyalty information passed from GMS 

The benefits for hoteliers 

This two-way integration helps to convert more new guests into loyalty members, boosting lifetime value. When a new guest makes a reservation, their profile is sent to GMS, automatically triggering loyalty communications. No manual work required. 

It also enables personalized guest comms before, during and after the stay, improving the guest experience and generating direct bookings. If you want help improving your messaging, take a look at our guide Perfecting Guest Communication

And finally, it means that front desk staff can easily identify loyalty members. No tiresome daily updates, no guests feeling annoyed because they had to explain who they are. 



What does the integration do? 

iHotelier is a global distribution system for reservations and bookings. The integration connects Mews to Amadeus’ iHotelier global distribution system, central reservation system, channel manager and booking engine. This creates a reliable link between platforms, allowing Mews customers to synchronize reservations, check reservation processing status and details, and run a bulk inventory update from Mews into the iHotelier extranet.  

The benefits for hoteliers 

Say hello to automated price updates, inventory updates and restrictions from Mews. Plus, receive new bookings and booking modifications sent via iHotelier. 

This is a two-way integration, meaning that reservations are synced between systems. So whether a reservation is created in Mews or in iHotelier, it will automatically appear in the other platform. No more accidental overbookings because of inventory lag. No more time wasted copying details from one place to another. Lots more happy team members. 



What does the integration do? 

Demand360 is a business intelligence tool that provides insights into property performance in the context of the wider industry. The integration with Mews allows hoteliers to provide data to Demand360 in return for market-level data – including competitive set data.  

The benefits for hoteliers 

There’s no such thing as too much context. This invaluable data will guide more profitable business decisions and help hoteliers stay ahead of the competition. Revenue managers should be rubbing their hands in glee as the tool highlights opportunities to drive RevPAR (or RevPAM) by optimizing pricing or channel strategies.  


The complete tech ecosystem 

Hotels function more effectively when their staff don’t need to think about how everything connects. It shouldn’t be a receptionist’s job to manually transfer reservation details between systems or to worry about the lines in front of their desk. Their role should focus on guest experience, providing remarkable hospitality that only a human can. 

Thanks to our partnership with Amadeus, hoteliers can build a custom tech ecosystem that positively impacts the day-to-day running of the hotel.  

It’s a world of improved operational efficiencies, securely shared data across systems, and frictionless automation that results in massive time savings and the ability to make fast, data-driven decisions. 

Doesn’t that sound like a world you’d like to be a part of?