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It’s impossible to be the best at everything. Believe us, we’ve tried. But one thing we’re sure we’re best at is connecting with other amazing hospitality solutions to provide hoteliers and guests with remarkable experiences.  

Our marketplace of apps and integrations is constantly growing, and this is the roundup of some of our favorite April additions this year. Look through the list to see what’s new – you never know, you might find your new favorite solution... 


ApprAIse RMS 

Want to automate your pricing strategy through real-time rate optimizations so you don’t miss another opportunity again? Of course you do. ApprAIse RMS by Hotelitix is an easy-to-use revenue management system that simplifies the way you manage rates, and track and analyze your performance. 

Features include Autopilot, where the tool automatically optimizes and updates your property rates; Rate Shopper, where you can view competitor pricing data; and Business Intelligence, where you can use intuitive charts and tables to track key metrics and make informed data decisions without the need for messy Excel tables. Nice. 

View ApprAIse RMS on Mews Marketplace 



Minox is specialist in online accounting. They’ll give you complete, up-to-date visibility of your accounting data that comes through your PMS (that’s Mews) and a POS tool if you’re using one. 

Using an API for real-time financial data transfer, it’s up to you whether you pull through the data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A clear, modern user interface makes Minox very simple to use, and you’ll also get real-time dashboards that you can customize to make sure you see the information that’s relevant for your business. 

View Minox on Mews Marketplace 



MyHotelBike is a web app used to – surprise surprise – rent out bike to your hotel guests. Using a super simple app, any of your hotel staff can easily manage your bicycle rentals, assigning them to guests for their desired time period. The app can also be used to track repairs, and will give you a full overview of bike availability and occupancy. Invoicing is automatic so your guests can get riding straight away. 

View MyHotelBike on Mews Marketplace 



SmartCONNECT is part of SmartHOTEL, whose mission is to connect hotels to the world of online distribution. Their distribution technology and tailored connectivity helps you to sell your rooms efficiently while maximizing profit.  

Consultants will advise you on which booking channels will work best for your property, and you’ll also get more direct bookings which means no commission costs. Everything can be controlled within Mews, so you’ll be able to manage prices and availability without logging into another platform. The cherry on top is an excellent support team if you have any questions or want extra advice. 

View SmartCONNECT on Mews Marketplace 


Windsurfer CRS 

Windsurfer is a central reservation system with distribution. It can be paired with Wave RMS and Maverick CRM to provide a full solution for revenue generation. 

The Mews integration with Windsurfer allows hoteliers to quickly and easily manage products across any channel, including your booking engine, as well as guest profiles and rate recommendations. 

View Windsurfer CRS on Mews Marketplace 


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