It’s easy to make assumptions about what guests want. After all, we’re all guests at various points throughout the year. But one of the remarkable things about people is that we’re all different, and the best way to really understand what guests desire is to ask lots of them. 

How to Message Your Hotel Guests is a data-led guide for Australian properties that explores the results of an exclusive survey of Australian travelers. The questions and responses are all about guest communications, so if you’d like to improve your messaging, open rates and upsells, this is the guide for you. 

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What’s in the guide? 

Our friends at the esteemed Torrens University Australia and Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School surveyed a big bunch of Australian guests about their preferences for hotel communication. 

This guide presents and interprets the data, with six key takeaways for how to make your guest comms more effective. The guide is split into three sections: 

  • Pre-stay communication 
  • In-stay communication 
  • Post-stay communication 

For each part of the guest journey, we explore both the preferred channel for communication (i.e. email vs text messages vs phone calls) and what kind of content a guest expects or wants. 


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Allow us to whet your appetite by looking at some of the results for pre-stay comms. 


The vast majority of people prefer email or text to receive pre-stay messages from hotels. Even if we break down the responses by age, there’s little variation. Email comes out as the top preferred method, while in-app notifications (listed under other) have limited favourability. 

So, what do guests actually want to see in their pre-stay messages? In general, people wanted to see a summary of their booking and pertinent information about the hotel, services and the local area. Promotions and paid services were of less interest. how-to-message-hotel-guests-pre-stay-2

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