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March’s new Mews integrations

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A connected ecosystem is much stronger than one that stands on its own. That’s why Mews continues to seek out the best solutions in hospitality tech to partner with and give hoteliers – and ultimately guests – even more remarkable experiences. 

We know it can be hard to keep track of every new tool and integration, so every month we’ll round up your new options in this bitesize blog post. This one’s a special edition, with February and March rolled in together. Scroll through the list and you may discover your next integration. 


Mews integrations that went live in February

Bizzon POS

Bizzon is a hotel and restaurant management platform trusted by Europe’s largest Hotel group. Bizzon has all the tools your business needs to maximize profit, reduce operating costs and enhance customer experience. Order at Table, Pay at Table, Click & Collect, Payment Gateway and yes, ePOS, Bizzon has it all. Whether you’re an independent restaurant or a multi-site chain, our connected platform can help you operate with safety, efficiency and insight. 

View Bizzon POS on Mews Marketplace Mantis Mantis is an online access management system. With a Mantis and Mews integration, guests will get a pin-code for their room via email and/or SMS when check-in completed. is a completely automated and integrated solution with intuitive control, property management software, open APIs and components. 

View Mantis on Mews Marketplace 


M3 Accounting

M3 is a cloud-based accounting software solution with features including project management, accounting, invoicing, time and expense tracking, document and resource management. 

View M3 Accounting on Mews Marketplace 


Mews integrations that went live in March

Gastronovi POS

Use the Gastronovi by Omniboost connection to seamlessly transfer restaurant charges directly to the corresponding Mews guest profile. All revenue and payment information on bills closed in your outlet will also be transferred and visible in the Outlet section of your Mews Accounting report. Easily adjust any mistakes through voiding to ensure full accuracy of data and centralize all of your data in your Mews profile. 



Hoxell is an intuitive and easy-to-use integrated hospitality platform that digitalizes and significantly improves day-to-day tasks of all hospitality departments. The Quality Operations module allows each member of the staff to send messages, create, and assign tasks. Information becomes clearer and accessible from any device, dramatically reducing human error, work overload and paper use. 

The Personal Concierge module facilitates real-time relationships and communication between staff and guests during each phase of their journey (pre, mid, and post-stay), creating a bond of trust with the travelers by personalizing their stay. 

View Hoxell on Mews Marketplace 


iLumio Integration Hub

The goal of iLumio Integration Hub is to create a digital hotel environment though delivering solutions that support the full guest life cycle – from the moment of booking, through stay, and beyond check-out with after-stay communication and marketing.  

The technology allows hotels to keep in touch with guests and support them, increasing guest satisfaction and bringing hotel prestige to a higher level. This digital solution can also help guests to minimize the risk of contracting Covid-19. A contact-free stay is now more important than ever before, and digital solutions are the best tools to implement them.  

View iLumio Integration Hub on Mews Marketplace 


Of course, this is just a taste of the hundreds of integrations available with Mews – check out Mews Marketplace to browse them all. If you’d like to keep updated with partner news and other exciting Mews content, subscribe to our monthly newsletter by filling in your email at the bottom of this page. 

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Tom Brown | 29 March 2021

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