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Mews Community may only be half a year old, but it’s already reached the milestone of 1,000 users. I’m not mentioning this to show off (although the whole team is rightfully proud), but because I want to highlight the amazing benefits it’s already bringing to hoteliers. 

But first, let me briefly explain what Mews Community is. 


What is Mews Community?

Mews Community is an online forum for all Mews users around the world. From general managers to receptionists, revenue managers to housekeeping, everyone is welcome and able to engage with each other and with Mews experts. 

That could be asking and answering questions about specific use cases, sharing tips for how to get the best from the Mews platform, integration partner advice, or even just general hospitality discussions.  


Mews Community is already helping hoteliers

For Mews Community to be truly valuable, it has to be an active space. The fact that over 340 topics have been created with a total of 1,500 replies (and counting) shows us that hoteliers – and Mewsers – are engaged with the community and committed to helping each other learn. 

“I'm a big fan of Mews Community. It's great to discuss things with other hoteliers and see how they use Mews or to get in touch with the different product managers,” said Mathias Hautekiet, Front-Office Manager at one of our Belgium properties. 

When I wrote about Mews Community in January, it was still in its early stages and although we knew what we wanted to achieve, you never quite know how it will turn out. Half a year on – and with over 4,000 page views per week – it’s amazing to see the benefits for hoteliers come to life. Some of the ways we’ve been able to help include: 

  • Exclusive access to roadmap sessions with the Mews Product Team 
  • Dedicated groups and webinars for specific regions 
  • Weekly top tips and tutorials from Mews product experts 

Want an idea of how it works? Here’s a question that someone asked on the Community: 


Several pictures of in-situ kiosks were posted in reply to Sanne, helping to inspire her (and other hoteliers) with their setup. 


Have your say in the future of Mews 

Mews Community also gives hoteliers the power to help Mews become as useful as possible. Users are often invited to join Beta testing programs for new features. Becoming an early adopter allows users to give their input into the features we’re building, telling us any specific requirements that are essential for their operations. 

And you may think user surveys aren’t particularly exciting, but they too can influence our direction of travel. For instance, we recently asked a question about staff recruitment to gauge whether this is still a priority; the results show an interest in a shift management integration with Mews, so now we can use that information when selecting new integration partners. 



Join Mews Community today 

If you’re a Mews user who hasn’t joined Mews Community yet, hopefully this article will have convinced you. It’s really easy to join, you just need to sign up here

I’ll leave you with the words of Mick Vazquez, Senior Application Manager at one of our Australian properties, who sums up the benefits of joining: 

“The community concept is invaluable. It opens the doors to communicate with fellow hoteliers and technology professionals that wouldn’t normally be possible. We discussed event management platforms and housekeeping systems with other operators, and were involved in a community-led discussion around online check-in and kiosks that led to a new product update. That really is amazing.”