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"Another busy month for our Partnerships team" may as well be the intro line every month for this blog. They’ve been working hard to verify and approve yet more integrations to help hoteliers customize their tech stacks, and it’s time to see the fruits of their labor over the last month. 

Here’s what’s new to Mews Marketplace for the month of November:  

  • Abal Consulting  
  • Aleno  
  • OneTap POS 
  • Smart Host 
  • Tapendium 
  • Wave RMS 


Partners that went live in October

Time to find out more about our brilliant new Marketplace integration partners. 


Abal Consulting 

ABAL My Reports is an ecosystem of growth tools that monitors your sales, costs, quality perceived and market data in real time. There’s too much to cover in this short paragraph, but key features include revenue management dashboards that track KPIs, market data dashboard to track competitors, and much much more. 

View Abal Consulting on Mews Marketplace 



Aleno is an intuitive and flexible restaurant management tool that serves restauranteurs and delights guests. The digital heart of a restaurant, it combines marketing, logistic and reservation management into a smart solution that lets teams spend less time on paperwork and more with guests. 

View Aleno on Mews Marketplace 


OneTap POS 

Onetap is hospitality point of sale, stock control, customer loyalty and reporting solution that uses smart technology built for restaurants, cafes, bars and more. The Mews integration allows you to post invoices straight to customers’ rooms, ensuring guests get a smooth dining experience. 

View OneTAP POS on Mews Marketplace 


Smart Host 

Smart Host is a CRM solution that helps you generate more direct bookings using your Mews data. Email campaigns always reach your guests at the perfect time and convince them with a stunning design, while offer and inquiry management can quickly send your potential guests offers that will be accepted. If your guest still has questions, Smart Host Correspondence Manager helps to summarize guest communication channel-independent within one tool and communicate with guests in real time. 

View Smart Host on Mews Marketplace 



Tapendium replaces old-fashioned printed literature in your hotel. Available as a tablet-based solution or via a QR code for your guest’s own device, Tapendium is customizable to align with your brand and can deliver unique content based on your marketing, as well as display personalized welcome messages, present bills and enable self-check-outs. The result? A highly engaging, interactive guest experience that boosts guest satisfaction and increases loyalty. 

View Tapendium on Mews Marketplace 


Wave RMS 

Wave RMS, by SHR, is an AI-enabled revenue management solution. Get automated forecasts, AI-powered calculations and build in your strategy so you stay in full control. All the data remains at your fingertips, accessible in a single report, making it easy to see and interpret all the numbers you need. 

View Wave RMS on Mews Marketplace 


Mews Marketplace is growing all the time, and there are now over 650 integrations available with Mews. View them all in the Mews Marketplace

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