TL;DR: Our most recent updates to improve efficiencies and boost revenue:

- Check in guests in 23 seconds with our smart detail screen

- Capitalize on the new trend in long stay travel by booking in months not nights

- Treat your loyal guests even better and increase their lifetime value with our newest integration

- Know more about companies and remove some of the friction from pre-authorizations

If we’ve discovered anything in 2022, it’s that travel styles and the world of hospitality are changing – and that goes for not just the guests and their needs but hotel and restaurant staff too. Our mission here at Mews is to look into our crystal ball and, as much as possible, make sure our customers are set up for success with transformational solutions.

From giving you ways to expedite reservations and front of house tasks, to solutions that boost customer loyalty and lifetime value and, of course, ways to grow your revenue, we have some exciting updates to share.

Table of contents

The faster, easier check-in

We had an exciting rollout earlier this year that offers tremendous benefits to the front desk staff, eliminating clicks and screen changes and making it possible to check guests in and out a whole lot faster.

If you haven’t yet noticed it, the Smart Detail screen, as we call it, shows front desk staff the most relevant information about a reservation all on one screen in the timeline. No going back and forth to other screens to cut keys, print registration cards, check room status or guest balance. It can all be done at a glance. What does that mean for time savings? Front desk staff can now complete the check-in in around 23 seconds. 


Are you profiting from the new trends in travel? 

Whether it’s making up for lost travel time or the freedom to work remotely, we’ve seen a significant increase in long stay travel. At the same time, many of our customers have re-examined their business models and are beginning to offer rooms for a month, three months or even six to nine months and more. Not only is this one way to meet the needs of today’s guests, but it has an impact on your revenue as well. Our recent report, Maximizing Your Property’s Full Potential, found that the average reservation value of a long stay is 15 to 20 times higher than short stay.

Given this trend, we recently rolled out the ability for you to book rooms in monthly increments rather than the old way of booking rooms by night. Some exciting and profitable use cases include extended bookings for employers who need temporary housing for team members. Or college students in need of a place for the semester. Even more exciting is that this will soon extend beyond rooms to include services like parking spots.

Imagine all the ways you could benefit from monthly bookings.

We’ve also simplified the booking of reservations blocks for groups like wedding parties, corporate events or travel agencies.

Gone are the days of cumbersome workarounds to block out rooms and manually book each one. Now you can easily set aside rooms and share a booking link for guests to book a room in the block. The solution saves loads of time, improves the guest experience, and your marketing and sales teams will love the ability to sell blocks to groups.


Grow revenue with greater guest loyalty 

These days, loyalty may seem hard to come by, but when you can create programs that feel personalized and that connect with your guests, the benefits come back to you. According to Skift Research, loyalty members are more profitable than non-members. In fact, ADR for loyalty members is often 10% to 15% higher, even when you account for discounted member rates.

Because of the importance of these guests to your revenue – and the need to deliver the service they want and expect – we've rolled out two updates to Mews to help you increase guest loyalty.

First is the company profile. This new profile, which replaces company entities, aligns with and connects with guest profiles. It makes reservations and billing seamless for corporate guests, while also shaping a more robust company profile with one source of truth that can be used by marketing and sales.

It’s now easier to recognize your loyal customers and grow your loyalty base with a new functionality that allows you to connect your brand’s existing loyalty program with your PMS to display a guest’s membership status and add new guests to your existing program. In short, you can make everyone feel like a VIP with Mews.


From billing to pre-authorizations, save time with simplified workflows 

Your day-to-day keeps you busy. That’s why we’re always searching for a way that you can use automations to save time on repetitive tasks. In the last few months, we’ve rolled out a few that should save you loads of time and hassle.

With some enhancements to company billing you can manage what gets routed to a company bill or a travel agency bill and what the guest pays for themselves.

Do you have a holiday special complete with dinner and wine, or a Weekend Getaway Package to offer your guests? We’ve streamlined the process of creating packages, allowing you to set certain conditions and product rules at the rates that work for your revenue strategy.

Last up, pre-authorizations. We know this is a big one, especially for our US customers. The whole process can be uncomfortable and time-consuming, especially because every company has their own way of doing it. And let’s face it, guests don’t love the idea of being separated from their money for potential, not-yet-made stays and purchases.

Hoteliers now have more control over their pre-authorization flow with the freedom to set automations that control the time of release and the amount collected.

And this is only the beginning. Watch for more enhancements to the pre-authorization flow to come.

If you have any questions about any of these new and exciting features, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And keep your eyes peeled for more revenue-boosting, guest-experience improving and efficiency-optimizing updates to come.