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We’ve decided to highlight another of our favourite, but highly under-utilised features of Hotel Booking Engines: “Promotion Codes”. Creating custom landing pages on your website, for different types of guests, can drive significantly more conversion and direct bookings.

Setting up landing pages

I thought I might just start out here, because this might be a bit of a new thing for those of you making your first steps into the world of E-commerce marketing and explain the basics on Landing Pages. These are, in effect, a clever tool with which internet marketers make sure that you are guided to a specific page, which can be targeted to generate a specific action – whether it is to generate clicks to gain access to a specific service, or just to make sure that the user can gain access to a specific page dedicated to one piece of information you are offering (here’s a great primer – full disclosure, I hesitate to link to it, as its a commercial site designed for landing page optimisation. Alternatively you can get started with more affordable tools – this is a good list).

“What does this have to do with my rooms?”

Now, you are probably thinking the above – you’re not an e-shop, are you? Well, unfortunately, with the rise of the internet, the power of the OTAs and general spending habits of the population mean that the travel industry is no longer distinguishable from other industries and most of the trade is now done online. And so you will have to also think like an e-shop, and an e-marketer.


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Where Voucher codes can help increase conversions:

The best way to speak to your audience is by setting up a voucher for every possible application. In this way, it will act as a landing page for a booking :

1. In your email signature

2. Pre-selected for your audience on landing pages - Develop your website so that you’d already pre-select your audience and they could book what is applicable to them with their own codes:

3. On a business card - Create a business card with a voucher code

Where else could you add promotions codes?

  • When you have a departure e-mail set up in the system, add a voucher code
  • On the wifi landing page, promote a special rate for friends&family rate.
  • TripAdvisor – if you have business profile, you can have a promotion. Give 10% discount with a voucher code (and don’t be afraid if they combine these with other offers – treat it as a finder’s fee)
  • On your website, create a “members only” section to the website (you want people to register, to get their mailing details) and in that private page, you can set up a discount code
  • Create special micro-websites (on Wix, Squarespace or even something like Launchrock) for your partners


Well, I’m sure you can all think up better ideas – happy Promoting!!


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