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Even if we know that the guest experience starts at booking – or even research – when a guest walks through your door, that’s when it’s “game on.” Every touch needs to meet your guests’ (rising) expectations. And, at the same time, it’s important that their experience aligns with your brand identity and goals.

But when you layer in staffing shortages and impatient guests, delivering remarkable experiences every time gets more challenging.

Enter the new and improved Mews Kiosk.


What is the new Mews Kiosk?

We’ve given our former kiosk software a bit of an overhaul, and we think it’s pretty revolutionary.

This new experience was designed to help hoteliers of all sizes and segments. From hybrid hotels to hostels and even luxury boutique properties, Mews Kiosk enables you to do more with less while making sure you can create seamless experiences for your guests.

We worked long and hard to tick all the boxes: it’s easy for any guest to use, fully integrated with your PMS and payments, secure and customizable.

In short, this new design offers a smoother, more personalized experience for guests, lets staff work much more efficiently, opens more opportunities to grow ancillary revenue, and removes any friction in the check-in and check-out processes.

Can you tell we’re excited about it?


Benefits of the new Mews Kiosk

Let’s take a closer look at how the improved Mews Kiosk can transform your operations and guest experience.


Seamless operations, happy guests

Efficiency is the name of the game and we're simplifying operations like never before. Picture a check-in process that's not only seamless for your guests but also eliminates unnecessary work for your staff.

Step-by-step animations and dynamic forms on the kiosk eliminate confusion and reduce frustration, making check-in and check-out a breeze for everyone involved. We even give you the option for guests to simply type in their last name to find their reservation and get the process started without digging for a reservation number.


Boost revenue... naturally

We know that increasing revenue is always a priority – and we know that having to rely on staff can be awkward and time consuming. Our kiosk now offers the opportunity for natural upsells.

From a bottle of wine to late check-out, guests can easily add products and services during kiosk check-in, encouraging them to enhance their time with you. This feature not only benefits your guests but also contributes to growing your revenue effortlessly – and at a time when costs are going up, every bit of ancillary revenue helps.


Early check-in detection

And on the topic of increasing revenue… it’s just as important that you don’t lose revenue. Managing early check-ins can be challenging, especially when guests check in by themselves at a kiosk. So we found a solution. Mews Kiosk automatically identifies when a guest is checking in before the standard check-in time, notifies the guest of the time and the upcharge for early check-in, and seamlessly adds any charges to their bill.

This automation not only enhances the guest experience but also eliminates the need for staff to get involved and makes sure you collect all the revenue you can.


All-in-one convenience for your team and guests

Time is money – and wasted time or long waits can negatively affect a guest’s experience. By fully integrating Mews Payments, an optional key cutter, digital signature cards and more, all essential check-in tasks are consolidated into one user-friendly station. As a result, guests get to avoid lengthy queues and staff get more time to focus on personalized attention where it’s needed most.


Your unique branding, consistently

Your brand is your identity and it’s what makes you stand out from the competition. The new built-in customization features allow you to showcase your brand as much or as little as you choose. Add a welcome video to say hello to guests your unique way, or upload images that show off your city or your personality.

You can even create a gallery in your reception with multiple kiosks, each with a different image. Every interaction your guests have with the kiosk can reinforce your brand's values and unique identity, creating a lasting impression and consistency at every interaction.


Only the data you need

Gone are the days of lengthy and redundant physical forms at check in along with wasted paper and asking for data that you don’t need and will never use. Mews Kiosk now lets you customize the fields that you require your guests to complete digitally. Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and hello to a more streamlined approach.



As of now it seems that staffing challenges will be with us for at least a bit longer, along with the need for staff to be able to work more efficiently and be free to focus on providing remarkable experiences for your guests. There’s one way to accomplish that: by implementing innovative technology that streamlines processes.

The new Mews Kiosk was designed in response to the specific feedback we received from our customers and the challenges faced by hoteliers every day.

Jump in and take a closer look at Mews Kiosk. We’re pretty sure that once you see how intuitive it is, you’ll see how easy it can be to improve the guest check-in experience.