You may be wondering what is glamping and how does it differ from camping? Glamping is essentially glamorous camping, which means it combines the allure of being in nature with the luxury of a curated experience. This means that there’s no need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag or camping supplies because everything is thought of and carefully selected by the facility owners.

Do you want to know more? Then keep reading to find out more about glamping, its benefits, the differences with camping, and how campsite owners can convert a camping site into a top-notch glamping site. 

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What is glamping?

Glamping is upscale camping, or camping with a bit of glamor. It’s a relatively new concept, with the term first coined in 2005 in the United Kingdom and only being added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2016. It is designed to appeal to those looking for the disconnection of the outdoors but wanting real mattresses, running water, and an actual toilet instead of an outhouse, as well as a one-of-kind experience.

Glamping comes in many forms, from safari tents to yurts, camping cabins, and tree houses. Amenities change depending on the type of accommodations, but can be real beds, kitchenettes, electricity, running water and more – all of which you would not expect with regular camping facilities. It’s a way of providing a singular experience in nature with the comforts of a hotel. 

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What are the benefits of glamping?

There are many benefits of glamping, but the main one is having the luxury of being comfortable while being in the middle of nowhere in an incomparable destination. Let’s take a look at some more of the benefits.

It’s convenient

When people go away on a holiday, sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag may not be their idea of a holiday. This is where glamping comes in, it’s a convenient way of exploring the outdoors while still having the comforts of a hotel-type accommodation. You get all the benefits of camping without having to blow up an air mattress, pack a ton of supplies or set up a tent.

Great compromise

Glamping is a great compromise where you can be immersed in nature without having to give up your everyday luxuries like running water and a comfortable bed. Plus, you also get to be in an incomparable location like on a safari in Africa, a destination that might not have the infrastructure or permits available to build in such conditions. 

It can be enjoyed in all seasons

Unlike camping, which is not ideal in cold weather or extreme heat, glamping is designed to be enjoyed in all seasons. Accommodations are most often built to sustain any weather conditions, and may include floor heating, space heaters or even a fireplace to keep you warm even in the cold weather. 

When you go camping in the summer, you may be heated out of your tent in the early morning. However, when glamping, you’re most likely provided with fans or other ways to keep cool in extreme temperatures. 

It’s perfect for the whole family

While kids tend to love camping, adults with limited vacation want to be able to enjoy themselves with some simple luxuries. This is why glamping is ideal for the whole family, and when you’re running any accommodation type, you want to be able to meet the five most important guest expectations.

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What are the differences between glamping and camping?

We’ve mentioned some of the differences between camping and glamping when talking about the benefits of glamping, but let’s take a look in more detail.

Glamping doesn’t require equipment

There’s nothing relaxing about getting prepared for a camping trip. You must think about a million different supplies like folding chairs, sleeping bags, blow up mattresses, a cooking stove, lanterns and more. In the case of glamping, you don’t have to think about any supplies because it’s all prepared for you. 

Camping is more rustic

Camping is all about sitting around a fire in your fold out chairs singing songs and telling ghost stories. While you can certainly do this while glamping, camping is more rustic, meaning that you may go days without showering, washing your dishes in a bucket or a river.

On the other hand, when you glamp you may have bathroom facilities and showers inside your accommodation, as well as most often have meals covered by the glampsite. Rustic means it’s more DIY, whereas glamping has that element of service that makes the difference in guest satisfaction. 

Glamping is less standardized

Whereas campsites don’t tend to differ too much no matter where you go in the world (other than the location and scenery), glamping could be anywhere and in any kind of accommodations. 

Glampsites are anything but standardized. They may be repurposed traditional huts with some luxuries added in, or a treehouse in the middle of the jungle with plumbing and electricity. It’s this breadth of possibilities that makes glamping so adventurous. 


How can you convert camping into glamping?

For those campsite owners looking to convert your camping facilities into glamping, you must start with making sure you have the right software in place to make this transition. For starters, you may want to consider looking into Mews hotel reservation management which will help you better keep track of your reservations and make sure that even the most demanding guests are attended to – and of course that no reservation gets missed. 

If you’re a campsite that already has tents set up for rent, it’s time to upscale. Say goodbye to blow-up mats and think about putting in real mattresses. Think of all the comforts your guests would like to have in a hotel, and make sure your glamping site meets those expectations, whether that be a feather duvet, extra soft pillows, temperature control, and if you don’t have space inside your cabins or tents for bathrooms, make sure they are at an arm’s length from where the guests stay. 


In this article we’ve looked at glamping, what it is, its benefits, how it differs from camping and some ways a campsite can be converted into a glampsite. Adding a little glamor into your campsite is a great differentiating factor to stand out from the competition, and the possibilities are endless. 

As glamping becomes more and more popular, it’s a good idea to have in mind what you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition, and make it a successful endeavor. The key is that whatever you do, do it better than the competition.


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