I’m so excited to welcome HS3 Hotelsoftware to Mews. It’s a huge moment, not only for the Mews and HS3 teams, but in particular for thousands of hoteliers across Germany, and by extension millions of guests. 

This is our ninth acquisition and, as always, it was handled with impeccable diligence by Mews Ventures. Their scope goes far beyond the intricacies of legal work; they take incredible care to see that the people at HS3 (and all our previous acquisitions) are treated thoughtfully and with respect as they transition into part of the Mews fabric. Hats off to everyone involved. 

And so to the big question: why did Mews acquire HS3 Hotelsoftware?  

The acquisition 

Allow me to set the scene a little. The journey between Mews and HS3 began, as many great things do, with a conversation. Last year, we connected with Thorsten Mesch, the CEO of HS3, and had a great discussion about the hospitality technology and where the market is heading, particularly with its movement towards the cloud. 

We started to conceptualize what a combined future would look like, and quickly saw that there are many synergies between our companies. The HS3 team is packed with talent, which is a large factor in why they have such a large and loyal customer base. As more of these hoteliers were requesting cloud technology, we saw the opportunity to fold the HS3 talent into Mews and transition their customers to our platform. 

It benefits Mews because we add a wealth of knowledge to our business (in terms of new team members and hoteliers), it benefits HS3 because they become a part of hospitality’s exciting future, and most of all it benefits HS3’s customers because they’ll be able to move to the cloud while retaining the important relationships they developed with the HS3 team. 

The company fit 

HS3 Hotelsoftware has a strong, close-knit and highly motivated team with years of experience in hospitality tech. 

Mews has been growing our team in the DACH region in the last couple of years, but this move bolsters our ranks significantly. In particular, our new colleagues in teams like customer success and tech will use their native knowledge and language to help build out our offering in German to our German, Austria and Swiss hoteliers. 

Moreover, the team’s culture bears a striking resemblance to the Mews philosophy. In particular, we share a commitment to openness and empathy that drives conversations and the way we work across all aspects of the business.  

The hotelier fit 

So, the acquisition makes sense for Mews and for HS3, but is it a good fit for HS3 hoteliers? The answer is a resounding yes. 

The majority of HS3’s hoteliers manage independent, small or mid-sized properties. While Mews can servicevirtually any hotel brand, it’s these hotels that have proven a particularly impressive fit for Mews in the DACH region. This is evidenced by our organic growth in the market over the last two years and it means we’re already keenly aware of the needs and wants of the German-speaking market. Combining our knowledge and ability with the HS3 team only makes us more able to meet these requirements. 

The future 

The DACH region – or Germany, Austria and Switzerland to give the nations their due respect – has proved one of the fastest growing territories for Mews over the last couple of years. In May last year, we celebrated our 500th customer in the region, and we’ve been accelerating that growth ever since. 

We’ve seen a very strong customer fit and a real hunger from German, Austrian and Swiss hoteliers to embrace digital transformation and the power that only an innovative, cloud-native PMS can provide. Couple that with outstanding Sales and Marketing teams with deep regional knowledge, and it’s a real recipe for success. 

I know that these reasons were at the heart of Thorsten’s decision to join the Mews mission. As he put it, “The German hospitality market is seeing rapid transformation which is raising the bar for guest experience. That’s why it’s such an exciting time to join forces with Mews – for our team, our customers and the future of hospitality in Germany.” 

Very well said. Here’s to the future. 


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