I’m thrilled to share that Mews has acquired Nomi, a US hospitality startup that provides personalized recommendations for guests though predictive analytics and AI.  

It’s our seventh acquisition in just four years, which is a hugely impressive feat in its own right. And that’s thanks to the hard work and expertise of our Mews Ventures team, whose mission to reshape hospitality keeps seeing tangible results. Massive kudos to them! 

I wanted to provide some more context about the move and why it’s incredibly exciting, for Mews, for hoteliers and especially for guests. So, let’s start with an obvious question.

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What is Nomi?

Based in Nashville and founded in 2021, the Nomi team created technology that truly enhances a guest’s experience when they travel. Think of it like your own personal tour guide in your pocket. By using AI and predictive analytics, it provides tailored recommendations, from restaurants to sightseeing to concerts. By asking a few simple questions, it identifies personality types and homes in on the unique preferences, interests and needs of the user. 


Why did Mews acquire Nomi?

If you just read the above paragraph, the answer should be obvious. Any hotel tech company with a passion for amazing hospitality would want to acquire Nomi – I’m glad we got there first. 

The Mews mission is to develop transformational solutions for brands and remarkable experiences for their guests. That’s exactly what Nomi can do. 

Guest-centricity has always been at the heart of the Mews platform. It’s a mindset that sets us apart and something that we haven’t wavered from in our 10+ years in the industry. This acquisition is a reaffirmation of how it remains our duty to serve guests and provide them with lasting memories 

It’s also consistent with our pursuit of user disengagement, the idea that people should spend less time handling admin on screens and more time experiencing the world. Nomi was created because its founders recognized that travelers were spending too much time scouring endless reviews and articles to find something they like. Now, they can discover personalized local recommendations in an instant. 


What’s in it for hoteliers?

Wherever technology benefits guests, it also benefits hoteliers. Nomi's tech will be included within Mews guest experience software, providing real-time customer insights based on their searches. This data is priceless in building a rich guest profile that you can ultimately use to better understand your customers and make informed operational decisions. 

For instance, you may discover that a lot of your guests ask for nearby burger recommendations. You might want to consider adding a patty or two to your own restaurant menu to capture some of this demand.  

I tested Nomi for myself and the results were amazing. Hotels that embrace this functionality will not only impress their guests but will position themselves at the forefront of travel. And as we all know, the happier the guest, the more likely they are to return. 


The future of hospitality

I truly believe that this kind of hyper personalization is the future of hospitality and I’m really happy to incorporate it into our platform. It’s low-effort and unintrusive to use (both for guests and hotels) and high-impact in terms of experience.  

What’s also exciting is that this is another acquisition in North America. Following our acquisition of Hotello earlier this year, Mews is making really impressive headway into a region that’s becoming a key focus for us. It’s amazing to see so much engagement in the US and Canada (anyone who saw us at HITEC Toronto won’t forget us in a hurry) and I can’t wait to continue our upward trajectory. 


Mews Ventures is always on the lookout for compelling acquisition and investment opportunities. If you’d like to learn more and start a confidential conversation, you’ll find everything you need to know on the Mews Ventures site.