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edyn group uses Mews across their entire portfolio

The worldwide apartment and aparthotel group have experienced strong growth as they embrace the power of cloud technology. 

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ADR increase


from 2019 to 2021

payment automation


in some properties

online check-in


in some properties

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“Our ability to rapidly onboard new properties in Mews is vital to supporting our rapid pan-European growth strategy.”
Edyn Hotel - EN-1

From signature to go-live in less than a week



With a vast network of apartments and aparthotels, edyn needs to be able to agile and fast when taking new units live.



Implementation with Mews is done entirely remotely, bringing down costs and speeding up the typical onboarding time. To reduce manual setup administration, a shell configuration was created so that each new property can be added quickly and with fewer errors. Moreover, edyn used Mews’ training materials to create their own training model and rollout schedule to suit their needs.



• Accelerated chain onboarding even through periods of lockdown
• On the same day a new contract is signed, the property’s production environment is delivered

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A modern hospitality success story



For most of hospitality and beyond, Covid-19 has been hugely disruptive and challenging, with occupancy suffering in particular.



edyn is perfectly placed to provide accommodation for the modern guest, from digital nomads looking to work remotely to families who want to be at the heart of local neighborhoods with all the comforts of a hotel but the amenities of their home. Mews Hospitality Cloud helps the group to streamline and centralize many of their operations, contributing to excellent growth and results despite the pandemic.



• 17% increase in ADR from 2019 to 2021
• Reservations have increased throughout entire pandemic
• 76% of bookings are non-refundable rates

Integration spotlight

On average, edyn properties are connected to 10-15 integrations, from accounting tools to revenue management.


KnowCross is a specialist housekeeping and maintenance management tool. It helps us to exchange information and workload between the Front Desk and the Housekeeping Department. With direct integration our teams can receive and update Room statuses in Mews on the go. Data and products pulled from Mews help us to organize and schedule customer requests and cleaning patterns.


ReviewPro provides a guest experience improvement suite that identifies operational and service improvements. All reviews, survey results and feedback is viewed in one dashboard, which ultimately helps the edyn team to improve their services and act quickly upon feedback.
“Live integration with Knowcross allows us to be efficient, flexible with our guests and cater for every detail.”
Edyn Hotel - EN-1

Looking ahead

Despite the difficulties brought on by the pandemic throughout hospitality, edyn have continued to flourish. Throughout the pandemic they never once closed a property, and in fact increased their reservations.

This success has allowed them to continue their impressive growth and put them in a very strong position for the future. In particular, the group will look to invest more resource into creating the perfect digital guest journey, embracing automation and digitalization wherever it can give guests a faster and more seamless experience.

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