Mola! customer story

Hotel management group embraces Mews' flexibility

The Spanish hostel and apartment brand grew their business and streamlined operations to help staff and guests.

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yearly growth rate


with Mews as their hospitality system

faster check-ins


thanks to auto space allocation, payment collection and more

hours saved per week


through automated reports

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Staff training time cut by 3+ weeks



Prior to Mews, it typically took a month of training and supervision before a staff member could be made responsible to perform solo actions like check-in, check-out and charging reservations.



Mews is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that comes with comprehensive self-learning tools like Mews University. As well as reducing strain on senior staff, it ultimately provides guests with better service because staff have more time to chat and provide a warmer welcome.



• Front desk training cut from 1 month to 2 days
• Management can hire a more diverse team, not only people with existing hospitality experience

Average check-in time was cut by 8 minutes



Manual check-in tasks such as space allocation and payment collection had to performed upon arrival, causing long delays. An on-site server caused further problems, because in the case of technical problems, the whole system would go down and no one could be checked in or out.



Mews Operations eliminates many of the problematic manual processes. Payment can be taken when the booking is made, room allocation is automated, and passports are easily scanned in order to gather accurate details instantly. Moreover, cloud-based servers mean that there’s no downtime or risk of local server failure.



• 80% faster average check-in time, reduced from 10 minutes to 2 minutes
• Zero overbookings, unlike previous system

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“With Mews, the management of Mola Hostel & Suites is a symphony of efficiency. The flexibility and adaptability of the platform make complex things simple, turning management into a really cool experience.”

Mews Business Intelligence transforms reporting



Mola! needed accessible and reliable reporting to make important business decisions.



With Mews Business Intelligence, reports are available on demand, and can be automatically sent via email at your chosen frequency. For example, Marius receives daily emails every morning and created a personalized revenue dashboard with automated updates from live Mews data.



• 8–10 hours saved every week
• Automated daily reports and customized dashboard
• No more manual errors because data is pulled directly


Quick and easy integrations help increase ADR and occupancy



Performance analysis was performed manually, and it was difficult to integrate with other hospitality tech solutions.



Mews Marketplace provides unrivalled connectivity to the best hospitality tech tools. Because of this, Mola! were able to integrate with key solutions such as Pace, which had a huge impact on revenue management.



• 17% year-on-year growth
• €8.50 ADR increase and 10% occupancy increase over three years
• 85% occupancy

“The good optimization of resources and easy usability of Mews make coordination between reception, cleaning and administration departments simple and fast. We can resolve any issue almost immediately.”

Integration spotlight

Mola! use a number of integrations, including a channel manager and a passport scanner.


Oaky is an upselling and guest messaging tool that provides extra value for guests by enriching their stay. Mola! use Oaky to inform guests about experiences that they can buy during their visit, such as flamenco dances, and it provides an added revenue stream.

Looking ahead

Mola! hope to continue to streamline and make improvement on their key metrics as they embrace automation and more integrations. As well as expanding their presence in Madrid, the brand are planning to open a camping location on Spain's north coast, which will also be run using Mews. 

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