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Apartment group discover the power of automation

OnJ, a Portuguese apartment brand, automated operations and payments to improve efficiency, security and guest happiness.

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saved per week

5 hours

automatic payment processing


TripAdvisor ranking boosted by

75 places

thanks to automated messaging

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Mews Operations drives efficiency and saves time



Previously, it would take up to two hours to set up a new promotion to appear correctly in OnJ’s own booking engine. Housekeeping was also inefficient, with frequent calls from housekeeping to front desk to update room status, distracting receptionists from guests.



With Mews Booking Engine, it only takes 15 minutes to complete the set up and perform checks for promotions, as special rates, offers and rules are easy to create and will reflect immediately. The housekeeping team are able to update their real-time progress by using the housekeeping mobile app, improving time management and helping front desk staff to focus entirely on the guests.



• Up to 1 hour 45m saved for every promotion added
• 5 hours saved every week for the housekeeping team

Automated payment processing improves safety and cuts errors



Before moving to Mews, OnJ had to manually check receipts and pull numbers, finding and processing the data themselves at a great time cost.



Using Mews Marketplace, OnJ connect to Stripe for automated payment processing. Not only is their new solution a huge time saver, it has also cut errors significantly and drastically cut the risk of card fraud or misuse.



• 100% of payments processed automatically (excluding virtual card bookings made through Expedia)
• Payments are fully PCI compliant

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“Before, I never had a system that would really listen to us, but Mews actually cares – if you see a problem, you solve it and you’re always behind your clients.”
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Mews Analytics provides vital data across the business



Hotel data is typically difficult to access and collate, often requiring manual exports and hard-to-read Excel sheets.



Mews Business Intelligence provides reporting and analytics allows multiple departments to access metrics that matter to them. Easy to use, real-time reporting through Mews Analytics is helping OnJ to understand their guests and make informed decisions for their business.



• Data from within Mews has become vital for setting and assessing KPIs and is a key part of OnJ’s cross-departmental weekly meeting
• The marketing team use the Customer Statistics report to inform their SEO strategy

“Mews is a great system because it thinks differently about integrations – they’ve really opened up the system for other apps to connect with it.”
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Integration spotlight

OnJ use a wide variety of integrations, from invoice processing to a CRM tool.


HiJiffy is an all-in-one communication platform that includes an AI chat widget on the website. The bot automatically resolves more than 60% of queries on its own, and every time guests check out, they receive an automated message with a link to TripAdvisor. This had made a major difference to OnJ’s TripAdvisor performance, boosting their rating from 150 to the 75th best rated property in Lisbon.

Looking ahead

OnJ will continue to look for opportunities to expand their apartment offering, primarily in Lisbon. They'll also look into building on their green credentials, with the potential for an eco-resort on Portugal's beautiful coast. 

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