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Mews-powered Samesun truly shines after embracing modern hostel management

With Mews, the popular hostel network brings all properties under the same umbrella and saves precious time by standardizing operations.

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Fully automated

and standardized operations

7% boost

To online check-ins via SMS reminders at Samesun Toronto

50% faster

Staff training times

About Samesun

Samesun operates eight hostels across Canada and the USA, from large cities such as Los Angeles and Toronto to smaller mountain properties such as Banff. Created by backpackers for backpackers, the popular hostel network puts an emphasis on social travel and fostering authentic connections.

Guests are encouraged to put their phones down and experience destinations like locals. To help them do that, Samesun offers personalized tips and organizes daily activities at their hostels, many of them free of charge.

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“We used to work in silos, so our operations were disjointed. With Mews, we brought all Samesun properties under the same umbrella. Our connectivity skyrocketed thanks to open APIs, and we can finally create customized guest journeys that are true to our unique brand.”


Standardized operations = no more manual set-up


Before the switch, Samesun had a single rate from which everything else was derived. They didn’t have non-refundable rates either.


By bringing Samesun under the same umbrella, Mews enabled all properties to interact smoothly, whereas before, every hostel was operating in a silo. Their rate management fundamentally changed to include semi-flexible rates, package deals, and other options. The manual set-up of agent bookings is gone – now, agents immediately receive a confirmation, saving time for both sides. Unified guest profiles are another time saver that massively simplifies communication.

And thanks to automated rules, invoicing has also become much easier.

  • No more manual entries – there are custom booking engines for all the OTAs
  • A revenue boost ever since offering guests multiple ways to book
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100% remote management and uninterrupted operations


Having an on-premises solution means no contact with the outside world whenever the internet crashes. It was an operational nightmare – Samesun had to take guest names by hand and sync data over the phone.


Being a cloud-native solution, Mews changed how Samesun runs their business. Even if the internet goes down, the team can still access all software and charge guests. Backup systems ensure they can proceed with day-to-day operations regardless of what's happening in the building. Remote management is another crucial benefit for Samesun, as everyone on the team (outside of Operations) is based online. Managers can log in from anywhere without asking the IT department to set up a VPN and give them credentials.

  • Remotely managing hostels from anywhere in the world

Using Mews SMS to save time and delight guests


Inspired by their own frustrating check-in experiences, the Samesun team wanted to reduce the amount of admin upon arrival. The faster they can bring guests through, the better their experience.


Samesun was one of the earliest adopters of the Mews SMS Package The team recognized its potential for increasing online check-in and cutting down manual tasks for staff. At two of their properties, they send a text message to guests ahead of arrival, reminding them to complete check in. In the future, Samesun plans to use Mews SMS to boost revenue through room upgrades.

  • 7% boost in online check-ins through SMS reminders (at Samesun Toronto)
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“We don’t want to remove human interaction; we just want to simplify the process. While Mews is taking care of the needs and necessities of running a business, we can focus on creating memorable guest experiences.”


Faster onboarding


Samesun’s on-premises PMS required two weeks of supervised training for new staff, leading to operational lags and decreased morale among employees who stayed behind.


With Mews, the Samesun team could bring the training down to one week. Lost productivity and the negative impacts of constantly changing staff are a thing of the past – their employees are confident in using Mews. Their staff particularly enjoyed role-based learning paths offered by Mews University, where they can acquire or upgrade their skills through well-structured courses that are easy-to-follow.

  • Reduced staff training time by 50% (from 14 days to one week)
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Integration spotlight


SiteMinder allows Samesun to automate the distribution of their rooms online. As the world’s leading hotel commerce platform, it provides a real-time connection between Mews and 400+ booking channels. The automatic update of booking information from all channels into Mews reduces overbookings and cuts manual errors.


This revenue management solution connects directly to Mews Operations. Its pricing decision engine automates and optimizes prices for Samesun, while its native business intelligence makes it easy for the team to collaborate and analyze results.

Make it remarkable.

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