Hands up who knows what happened on December 3rd, 1992... That’s right, the very first text message was sent. That’s common knowledge, right? Since then, the humble text message or SMS has become a part of daily life, and that makes it a great means to engage with guests – and boost revenue for your business. 

The new  Mews SMSPackage is a simple way to improve the guest experience, cut down manual tasks for staff, and generate more upsells. It’s available now via Mews Marketplace (search ‘SMS Package’) or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information. 

But before you do that, let’s tell you about why this is so exciting. 

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The benefits of text messaging guests with Mews SMS Package

Our SMS package was specifically designed to increase online check-in for guests. Prior to arrival, you’ll automatically send a text message to guests who have yet to check in, with a direct link to the check-in portal. From there, they can easily fill in their necessary details and check in. 

Why is this so important? Guests who check-in ahead of time are typically more engaged and higher spending, not to mention a godsend for your reception team. 

Here are three essential reasons to activate the SMS Package: 

1. Create a more seamless guest journey

You want your guest experience to be as frictionless as possible. A text message means they don’t have to go out of their way to look up an email or how to access online check-in – it’s delivered directly to their phone. On arrival, they can head straight to their room or complete their check-in in rapid time (depending on your system set-up). 

2. Save time for staff

Repetitive, manual tasks are the bane of the modern hotelier. Frankly, your team has more important things to do than search through reservation lists, see who hasn’t checked in online, and then send a message to that guest. Because text message sends are automatic, your team will save plenty of time. And more online check-ins mean less time taking details upon arrival, so your staff can actually engage in meaningful conversation, rather than asking for card details. 

3. Boost your revenue

Online check-in isn’t just a way to save time. It’s a brilliant opportunity to upsell. Whether it’s early check-ins or breakfasts, special spa packages or something more bespoke, online check-in with Mews allows guests to purchase extras ahead of time. It’s really effective, too – and we have the numbers to prove it. 


What the data tells us about the SMS Package success

If you know anything about Mews, it’s how much we love data. We meticulously gathered metrics throughout our extensive pilot testing, and well, the results are compelling. Here are some of the highlights.

1.  More guests arrived at online check-in 

The SMS Package led to a 25% increase in guests engaging with online check-in. In other words, people read their messages and click the link. 

2.  More guests completed online check-in

Guests weren’t just curious – they actually followed through, to the tune of a 20% increase in completed online check-ins. 

3. Hotels generated more revenue

For those properties that offered upsells within their online check-ins, text messages proved to be a game-changer, contributing to an additional €11,000 in revenue over 12 months across the pilot properties. 

4. Return on investment was huge

The average ROI for text messages was a remarkable 164%. We’ve nothing else to add here – just enjoy the number.


How to enable the Mews SMS Package

If you’ve made it this far, the value that automatic text messaging brings should be obvious. It’s also worth saying that our package comes with flexible upgrades and a spending cap. For instance, if you’d like to block message sends to high-cost countries, you can do so.

Mews customers can more information by ‘SMS Package’ in the in-product marketplace. Head there now if you’re ready to boost your online check-in conversion rates. 


Are you a Mews customer and want more information? 

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