The Chloe customer story

The Chloe champions personalized hospitality and curates unforgettable stays with Mews

The much-loved boutique hotel in New Orleans enjoys all the benefits of an innovative PMS that lets them focus on hospitality instead of technology.

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online check-in rate


Mews Payments usage since go-live

Optimized inventory

means more guests and higher profit

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As a smaller hotel, we really have the chance to connect with our guests on a deeper level. Mews helps us build those relationships by seamlessly working in the background so that our hospitality can take the stage.

Finding the perfect PMS fit



With their previous PMS provider, The Chloe experienced a lot of overbookings. The clunky interface was another issue, forcing their team to spend more time navigating the system than paying attention to the guest experience.



After switching to Mews, The Chloe enjoyed the newfound ease of use but moved to another provider after a sudden management changeover. As the issues kept piling up during the transition and revealed an inferior reporting system, The Chloe once again chose Mews. They realized it was the best PMS for the team, helping them deliver extraordinary guest experiences. They also use Mews Payments to ensure every transaction is fast, secure and frictionless. Guests can pay in a way that suits them, through a card or an alternative payment method. 



  • Easy and transparent reporting through an integration with QuickBooks 
  • Granular view of key metrics informing decisions and business strategies
  • 100% Mews Payments usage since go-live 
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We couldn't stay away from Mews, and we’re so glad we came back. We're fascinated by the team's dedication – they always listen and develop useful features. It's so nice to talk to someone who's not just reactive but truly proactive about your success.
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Turning locals into loyal guests



The Chloe wanted to be super accessible for locals. Why only be a getaway for travelers passing through when you can become a laidback retreat for your neighbors by building a local community?



Through Mews, they offer promotions and special rates to get the locals in to experience The Chloe. Especially during the low season, they attract locals looking for a staycation and show them a beautiful oasis they would have missed otherwise. This approach brought in a lot of direct bookings – exceeding the hotel industry average – and a new set of highly appreciative loyal guests.



  • Optimized inventory – more guests and higher profit 
  • Innovative rate management that maximizes revenue

Welcoming arrivals, unforgettable stays


The team wanted each guest to have a remarkable experience – from the second they discover The Chloe to the moment they leave, eager to rebook. 

Online check-in via Mews has done wonders for the guest experience. By the time the guests arrive, all their information has been verified. The team hands them a welcome cocktail instead of unnecessary admin. They’re offered tours of the record shop down the street or shown to the beautiful pool area. The simplicity of the check-in helps The Chloe stay high-touch and focus on ensuring each guest experiences New Orleans as a local.



  • 87% online check-in rate  
  • High-touch hospitality without tiresome admin  
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“We enjoy our Mews-powered communications, both internally and with guests. By strengthening these relationships, we’re showing what hospitality truly is about – and Mews is a wonderful tool that allows us to do that.”


Integration spotlight


A seamless integration between Tripleseat and Mews enables The Chloe team to manage guest room blocks and availability, giving full visibility into the booking. As a popular wedding venue, they rely on this integration to help them organize group stays, saving them hours a day and increasing productivity while decreasing workload.


QuickBooks is an accounting integration that sends real-time data from Mews to QuickBooks. This allows The Chloe team to run financial reports and control accounting through a platform that’s already familiar to them, with no need to learn anything new.

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