POS payment processing

All-in-one POS, Payments and PMS

With flexible payments embedded in your POS and PMS, taking payments from guests or letting them charge to room is fast, secure and a natural part of the dining experience.

A single platform

Mews Payments is not an add-on integration or a platform that risks being incompatible with the rest of your system; it’s a native – and foundational - part of the Mews platform. 



No pop-ups, no new windows, no redirects. Everything you need to process payments exists in the platform. 


One vendor 

When you need help with your POS or your payments – or simply a partner looking out for your success – we’ve got you covered.


Immediate processing 

For full visibility, Payments are automatically processed and show up in your system immediately – no need to refresh.


Unified Payout schedule 

Easily calculate fees and payouts for all your hotel operations and get the money on your bank account in a single transaction.

Mews Payments Terminals 

Give your guests and staff a seamless payment experience with Mews Terminals. 



Allow guests to pay with most major cards, plus a selection of alternative payment methods.

Fast, accurate processing

Offer all swipes, insert, and contactless payments with a modern payment terminal.
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Hassle-free digital tipping  

Keep staff happy and engaged. Encourage guests to reward good service with embedded tipping. 

One terminal for all

Keep the payment experience consistent for staff and guests by using the same payment terminal for accommodation and dining.

Seamless for guest 

As part of the complete experience, Mews Payments removes friction from the payment experience and gives guests more choice and more flexibility.  


The POS and Mews Payments integration ensures bill amounts are directly transferred to the card terminal and automatically reconciled, simplifying accounting and minimizing errors. 

Cardless ways to pay 

Let your guests start a tab, pay straight away with one click, or charge to room. They can even charge to room using their NFC room key card.  

Effortlessly split bills

Seamless bill splitting feature, allowing customers the flexibility to share costs with ease.

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?