5 ways to nail digital ordering at your hotel

Digital ordering may have gained popularity during Covid, but it offers countless benefits to your staff and your guests. To help you get the most out of digital ordering at your hotel, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 ways to be successful.  
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What’s in this guide?

5 factors to consider

From your guests to your staff, to get true buy-in, you want to introduce it carefully. We dig into what that means for each group.

The intersection of digital and print

Just because it’s a digital format, doesn’t mean you can skimp on the effort. We’ll highlight what to include in your digital menu.

Remove the fear factor

What may seem normal and intuitive to some guests could be confusing and intimidating to others. We’ll explain how to best overcome this hurdle.

Why these steps matter



If digital ordering is done right and done well, guests and staff will take to it and the benefits will multiply. 



Digital ordering introduces a frictionless way for guests to order more and, in turn, drive incremental revenue.  


Improve the experience for all

The more guests use digital ordering, the more staff can stop spending time taking and inputting orders and spend that time connecting with guests.  

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