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A question on every hotelier's mind: how to generate more revenue in a hotel. While there's no tried and tested solution, it can be achieved by creating a good promotion plan, tapping into sources of ancillary revenue, upselling, and other marketing strategies. 

Want to boost your hotel's financial performance while increasing customer loyalty? Let's explore the best strategies and tactics for attracting more guests and enhancing their experiences.


The best ways to generate more revenue for your hotel

As the industry continues to evolve along with customer expectations, hoteliers must be up to the challenge of proposing innovative strategies to optimize revenue and profitability. Keep reading to discover the best ones.

Embrace advanced pricing and revenue management

As the market fluctuates, hoteliers need to embrace sophisticated and dynamic pricing strategies that adapt to market needs. Analyzing market demand, competitor pricing, and historical data to forecast prices more accurately will help your hotel to optimize pricing strategies. As a result, you'll increase yield from available inventory and more effectively manage room rates.

Rely on hospitality technology 

Increasing hotel revenue starts with having control. Hotel tech such as Mews PMS gives control over to the hoteliers, as it's the best way to drive growth. An agile hospitality cloud helps to simplify and automate hotel operations, which translates into more efficiency. All this positively affects revenue and allows for more streamlined revenue management.

Optimize ancillary services  

Ancillary services like restaurants, spa treatments, meetings, and event spaces can generate more profit for your hotel. The same goes for other services, such as early check-in. By promoting ancillary revenue sources to guests and even locals, hotels can increase their use while becoming less dependent on the profit generated by room sales.

Explore targeted promotions 

Increasing revenue requires a strategic approach. Understanding your target audience will help you better tailor campaign messaging to attract an ideal client profile. Data-driven insights can improve the engagement of potential guests and show you how to adapt offers, advertising and loyalty programs. The result? More bookings, driving up profits.

ways to generate more revenue for your hotelLeverage online travel agencies and distribution channels

OTAs and distribution channels expand the reach of hotels and drive bookings. A strong online presence increases visibility, attracts new audiences, and generates incremental revenue through more bookings. To reduce commissions and boost the amount generated per room, balance these efforts with direct booking strategies.

Use upselling and cross-selling

Another way to drive profit is through upselling and cross-selling. As with targeted promotional efforts, you must understand what your guests want. Next, offer relevant upgrades, amenities, or packages that will increase the average spend per guest. Spa treatments or dining experiences can further boost profitability.

Offer late check-out or early check-in 

Many hoteliers underestimate the value of early check-in and late check-out – the longer your guest occupies a room, the more possibilities you have to boost the average daily spend. Not only will guest satisfaction increase by checking in early after a long flight or staying in the room a bit longer, but charging for these services also translates into pure profit.

Stay active on social media 

Social media helps you connect with guests, which can drive bookings by influencing travelers’ decisions. By engaging potential guests and interacting with existing guests on social media, you can build a recognizable brand that people love to follow.

Train your staff 

Training your staff to master hotel front desk operations goes a long way in promoting financial growth. Staff retention improves profitability because you don't have to spend resources on constantly training new team members. Interacting with the same people helps regular guests build rapport and increases a sense of community.

The more you invest in your staff, the more they'll feel like an integral part of your hotel's success. Top-notch service is the secret to brand longevity, boosting customer satisfaction and revenue growth. When guests trust your staff, they're more likely to choose upgrades and add-on services.

Connect with guests 

Engaging guests quickly translates into revenue growth – happy guests spend more. Making them feel at home encourages them to get upgrades and added services. They are more likely to book these services through your hotel if they feel connected to your brand.


The innovative approaches based on pricing, technology, ancillary services, targeted promotions, upselling, and other strategies help hotels find new revenue streams. The main secret to success is enhancing guest experiences, which provide added value and build a loyal customer base. And repeat bookings are just what hotels need to secure long-term viability.