Ending hotel staff turnover: how to increase your employee retention

Best practices

18 Sep 2023

Hotel turnover is every hotelier's nightmare. From lost productivity to increased costs for recruitment and training, it often leads to decreased...

How to effectively manage a hotel crisis

Best practices

14 Sep 2023

Hotel crisis management is essential for any hotelier. Regardless of what's happening, your action plan should consider the who, what, when, where,...

Top ways to improve hotel housekeeping efficiency

Best practices

12 Sep 2023

Housekeeping efficiency is crucial to your hotel's operational success. Rooms that get cleaned fast enable you to capitalize on early check-ins and...

Top ways to minimize labor costs in hotels

Best practices

5 Sep 2023

For hoteliers, labor costs represent a sizable portion of fixed costs. It can be challenging to strike a balance between an exceptional guest...

The importance of social proof in the hospitality industry

Best practices

31 Aug 2023

In a world of user-generated content, hotel social proof has never been more relevant. It can serve as the icing on the cake when deciding where to...

4 ways to reduce plastic usage in hotels

Best practices

29 Aug 2023

Hotel plastic use has reached shocking numbers. The culprits are usually single-use plastic products – small shampoo and shower bottles, straws,...

How to define your hotel's tone of voice

Best practices

24 Aug 2023

Defining your hotel's tone of voice is one of the most strategic decisions you need to make. It ties directly into your marketing strategy by...

How are hotels using outdoor spaces to increase their revenue?

Best practices

17 Aug 2023

Ever wondered how to boost your outdoor space revenue? To maximize profit, you must ensure that no corner of your hotel goes under-utilized. From...

5 ideas to maximize your hotel rooftop revenue

Best practices

14 Aug 2023

Looking for ways to maximize your hotel's rooftop revenue? Rooftops are prime real estate, so let's explore how to turn them into an additional...

How to increase the revenue of your serviced apartment

Best practices

10 Aug 2023

Improving serviced apartment revenue is the deciding factor in your property's success. As more and more travelers search for a home away from home,...

4 ideas for generating more revenue with your hotel lobby

Best practices

8 Aug 2023

Hoteliers are always looking for ways to effectively use their spaces, either by making them multi-functional or taking advantage of all the...

Purity of purpose and the art of writing modern product documentation

Best practices

31 Jul 2023

Modern product documentation has evolved beyond the sole purpose of conveying information. It also plays a crucial role in meeting various business...

6 ways for hotels to reduce their carbon footprint

Best practices

18 Jul 2023

Are you looking to reduce your hotel's carbon footprint? There are many actions your hotel can take to reduce its impact on the environment. Becoming...

The six best employee engagement strategies for hotels

Best practices

13 Jul 2023

Are you looking for ways to improve employee engagement in hotels? The more engaged your staff, the more efficient they'll be, contributing to the...

10 best strategies for increasing hotel revenue

Best practices

11 Jul 2023

A question on every hotelier's mind: how to generate more revenue in a hotel. While there's no tried and tested solution, it can be achieved by...

12 ways to increase revenue in hotels

Best practices

13 Jun 2023

As a hotelier, you're always seeking new ways to increase hotel revenue. Increasing a hotel's profitability determines long-term success – it...

Top strategies for boosting your hostel occupancy rates

Best practices

8 Jun 2023

Hostel occupancy rates are one of the main concerns of hostel owners because they directly show how well a hostel is performing. During the low...

How to enhance your hostel front desk customer service?

Best practices

6 Jun 2023

The hostel front desk is a vital part of your hostel. This is where your guests get their first impressions, and all the action takes place: from...

How can hostels use data analysis to enhance their revenue?

Best practices

1 Jun 2023

Hostel data and analytics can be powerful tools for enhancing revenue. Collecting and analyzing guest data, such as booking patterns and market...

How to manage your hostel and avoid the most common mistakes

Best practices

25 May 2023

Managing a hostel is complex. There are reservations and inventory management, channel management, operations, processing payments, marketing,...

What should hostel owners know when setting up pricing strategies?

Best practices

18 May 2023

Having a robust hostel pricing strategy is essential to a hostel's profitability. You want to find the price that gives you a competitive edge but...

6 ways to increase revenue in your hotel spa

Best practices

11 May 2023

Have you been wondering how to increase spa revenue in your hotel when there are high operational costs, regular maintenance and extra personnel to...

6 Hotel staff training tips for mastering front desk operations

Best practices

2 May 2023

Hotel front desk training is one of the most significant investments for hoteliers to make. As the face of your hotel, your front desk staff should...

What are the best practices for managing boutique hotels?

Best practices

26 Apr 2023

The secret of boutique hotel management is about providing customers that added value that they are looking for when they choose to stay at a smaller...

10 hotel rate types to maximize the revenue of your property

Best practices

3 Apr 2023

A room rate in a hotel is one of the most important decisions a hotelier can make because it can positively – or negatively – affect profit. In such...

How to improve the housekeeping department to increase productivity? 

Industry trends
Best practices

14 Mar 2023

How to improve the housekeeping department is a topic that all hoteliers should think about because by increasing productivity you can also...

7 Ways to Use Guest Data to Instantly Improve Sales

Industry trends
Best practices

9 Feb 2023

We find that hotels are often faced with challenges, having to make key business decisions based on a small subset of hotel guest data. For...

Seven ways for hotels to prevent high energy costs

Industry trends
Best practices

7 Dec 2022

As prices soar across the globe, hoteliers must find ways to control hotel energy costs in order to stay competitive in a highly price-sensitive...

How to prevent chargebacks and fraudulent charges at your hotel

Best practices

18 Oct 2022

Fraudulent charges and chargebacks are part of the ugly side of hospitality. Not only do they eat away at profits, but handling the aftermath can be...

Perfecting financial statements: how to prepare for outside investment

Best practices

22 Sep 2022

Many startups and growing companies are dreaming about an IPO or getting the big investor on board to grow the company to unicorn status and beyond....

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