Are you wondering how to increase holiday bookings when all hoteliers are vying for guest attention during this highly competitive time of year? Even if you've caught their eye, you must somehow encourage them to follow through with a booking and find ways to turn them into repeat clients.

Keep reading to discover strategies for increasing holiday bookings and maximizing profit, turning one-time vacationers into regular guests. While a steady flow of guests year-round is ideal, you don't want to miss out on peak season revenue. 

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What are holiday bookings? 

Holiday bookings refer to reservations made during the vacation or holiday period. Since it's a popular time to travel, holiday season reservations require advanced planning to ensure the availability of the preferred accommodations.

Hotels should be mindful of avoiding overbooking – you don't want to risk losing revenue during such a busy time when you can get the best average daily rate. During holidays, guests are more likely to spend at the hotel to avoid overcrowded places, so you'll want to maximize these bookings as much as possible.


7 strategies to increase holiday bookings at your hotel

With so many hotels having their eyes set on locking in holiday bookings, it's only natural that the competition is fierce. However, there's also more demand, so the good news is you can charge more and implement stricter cancellation policies. Here are the top strategies for increasing these types of bookings. 

Offer better deals for advanced bookings 

Most guests plan their vacations well in advance, so try to secure their bookings as early as possible. Offer guests who stay with you during the holiday season a discount for returning the following year. Make it worth their while – an exclusive discount or a complimentary add-on, if they book on the spot, will be much appreciated. It’s a win-win for both the guest and your hotel. 

Optimize your website for conversions 

Optimizing your website is just as important as running engaging ads to attract new guests. If booking a stay is not easy, guests will abandon your website without completing a reservation, meaning you won't get any return on your investment.

Optimize your website for conversions by simplifying the process of booking a room. A few clicks should suffice – let's not forget that direct bookings are also better for your bottom line. Find out the difference between OTA vs. Direct bookings.

Be consistent in your branding and messaging 

Staying consistent in branding and messaging across all channels is vital for locking in holiday bookings. There are only a certain number of holidays per year, so you must clearly show the value of staying at your hotel. Communicate your hotel's advantages across all channels, including your website, social media and ads. The better you convey your value proposition; the more guests will choose your hotel. 

Harness the power of your existing clientele  

Your loyal guests are a great starting point to promote holiday bookings. Invite them to leave reviews and send them personalized communication to keep them engaged – you want to be on their mind when they're booking holiday travel. Leverage loyal guests as much as possible because it gives your hotel more credibility. Plus, it's easier to convince people who've already stayed with you and had a positive experience to return.


Create holiday specific content 

Design a content plan that converts holiday guests. Lateral thinking in content design allows you to think creatively and find ways to engage new and existing guests. For targeted content, focus on periods around Thanksgiving, the Christmas holidays and Easter.

Publish blogs, videos, social media and website content that changes based on the holiday. Images, videos and testimonials can do wonders to encourage people to stay at your hotel. The aim is to create a sense of your hotel being the place to be. Tap into FOMO – it's a huge motivating factor for people to book.

Use social media and search engine ads 

Combining SEM and social ads lets you reach a wider audience. Millennials and Gen Z use social media to get inspiration for their upcoming trip – reach them via targeted ads that present your hotel as an unmissable place.

Search engine ads can be used year-round to promote your hotel, and you can specifically target more holiday-related keywords a few months before the holiday season. That way, you'll reach clients who primarily use search engines to research their trip destination or the hotel they want to stay in.

Curate packages 

Packages are another excellent way to promote bookings. You can create specific discounted packages for families, groups and couples. Include activities, spa treatments, food and beverage, or exclusive dining events. Getting creative will encourage your guests to spend more money on-site.


We’ve looked at ways to increase holiday bookings in your hotel and the value of doing so. With these strategies, you can attract new demographics and diversify your holiday crowd. And once you get a full understanding of guest preferences, you can maximize your revenue potential during the peak season and ensure profitability year-round.