As May rolls reliably into June, our attention turns once again to Mews Marketplace to see what our Integrations Team have been up to. As well as three new live integrations, there’s a whole bunch of solutions that are coming soon, so we thought we’d give you a preview of them too.

Here’s what’s new to Mews Marketplace for the month of June:

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Partners that went live in May


The Mews x Arcavis integration connects Mews with the powerful Arcavis POS solution. This means that your guests can conveniently purchase goods on any Arcavis POS and get billed via Mews.

And it’s all automatic. At the POS, a guest can be searched for by name or room number, and when the sale is closed, the product data and total amount are transferred to Mews, allowing for simple and straightforward billing when the customer leaves.

View Arcavis on Mews Marketplace

Intello by Telus

Intello by Telus i-Hotel is a feature-rich guest HSIA solution – aka high-speed internet access. For the modern guest, fast and reliable internet is hugely important; if your Wi-Fi is poor, they may decide never to return to your hotel.

So what does Intello give you? For a start, you’ll get responsive multilingual login pages, Personal Area Networks, bandwidth limiting and grouping, remote equipment monitoring, 24/7 support and more. Plus, the Mews integration gives your hotel an easy-to-use self-service internet portal for your guests.

View Intello by Telus on Mews Marketplace

Simon & Josef

Simon & Josef is a housekeeping solution that prioritizes guest happiness and the environment. If the guest is staying longer than two nights, they’ll receive an SMS from the hotel via the S&J platform. The message contains a survey where guests can personalize their room cleaning according to their wishes.

This means that guests are more comfortable during their stay as they set their own expectations, while housekeeping teams are empowered to easily see and manage their schedule ahead of time. The other big bonus is that hotels will save on cleaning costs, which also benefits the environment as it means less chemical and energy usage. With the Mews connection, you can run more accurate reports with guest reservation data.

View Simon & Josef on Mews Marketplace

New partners on the way – we need YOU

As usual, we have a packed pipeline of new integrations that we want to roll out. For some of them, we’re still looking for pilot properties to help us in testing the new connections – if you’re interested in helping out, just reach out to your Mews rep.

Ancon POS

Ancon POS provides a seamless ecosystem for cross-channel ordering. Simply press a button to switch to self-service models or online orders. Plus you don't have to restrict yourself to the restaurant domain to receive an order – you can be anywhere and transfer the order to your kitchen using the app. No more stress of IP addresses, Baud Rates, or losing the connection between your mobile unit and your POS.

Derbysoft – pilot property needed

Derbysoft provides custom, flexible and high-performance connectivity solutions with unmatched response times and data accuracy. They offer a sophisticated length of stay-based system which results in their ability to support and connect a variety of partners with vastly different data structures.

Favrit – pilot property needed

Favrit is a POS that specializes in flexibility. It’s a holistic order and pay solution for restaurants and bars that handles traditional table service, over-the-counter ordering, and at-the-table digital ordering. Favrit is really easy to use – both for ordering and reporting – and staff can be trained in no time.


Hoo is a unique distribution channel that gives you the power to offer fully dynamic pricing, based on your own occupancy needs without breaching any of your existing rate parity agreements. Maximize hotel profits and guest satisfaction via a property management portal where you can set rules to help boost occupancy – with only a 5% commission charge on all bookings.


Loopon is an all-in-one engagement platform for hotels to grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty at all stages of the guest journey. It covers upselling and personalization, real-time messaging, in-stay and post-stay feedback, guest surveys and reputation management.


OpenGDS is a hub for properties to share their availability, rates, and extras and receive reservations from agents using easy, integrated APIs to provide worry-free customized booking solutions. You get access to all major channel managers in one platform – what’s not to like?

RezGain by RateGain – pilot property needed

RezGain is RateGain’s smart distribution channel manager. It distributes rates and inventory with speed and efficiency and unlocks new revenue generation opportunities. It’s a one-stop channel management solution for online distribution, providing wide connectivity that covers big and long-tail channels across the world with end-to-end two-way integration with Mews, CRSs, RMSs, tour operators, GDSs, bed-banks, wholesalers and OTAs.

SmartAlloc by SensorFlow – pilot property needed

SmartAlloc helps hotels cut 5% of their energy costs in 15 minutes by allocating upcoming reservations to the most energy efficient rooms in the building. Once it has been turned on, SmartAlloc’s algorithm sends an optimal room number to each reservation in Mews, so your reservation team can follow its guidance to reduce energy costs.


Showcase your properties, availability and rates on one of the world’s leading travel and accommodation search platforms. Its intuitive interface compares over five million hotels, vacations rentals and other alternative accommodation offerings in over 190 countries to provide an unparalleled user experience. You’ll soon be able to seamlessly connect to trivago to boost your performance and increase direct bookings.


Vendus is easy-to-use online invoicing software for small businesses that helps you effectively control your business, automate billing, and deliver documents quickly and intuitively. Customize your relevant business information, set taxes and fees, easily create invoices and access detailed reports. It also includes a powerful POS system, the perfect fit for your shop, restaurant or bar.

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