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28 Nov 2018   •  4 minute read

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Thousands of integrations are now at the fingertips of all Mews properties thanks to our partnership with Zapier’s automation tools that can connect any of your favourite apps.

Let’s be honest - the words ‘automation’ and ‘integration' get blasted out way too much by almost all hotel software marketing departments across the world. In fact, we are probably one of the worst offenders! There’s a lot of noise out there and even we can get tired of banging the drum about it all...but, beyond the cacophony, one company you should pay attention to is Zapier. For this extraordinarily useful tech company, the terms ‘automation’ and ‘integration’ are the only two words that can genuinely describe their service.

This smart company has, over the last several years, quietly made itself an essential tool used in every single industry across the world and countless thousands of companies and teams have Zapier’s intelligent plumbing automating huge swathes of their operations.

Zapier automation saves hoteliers time and money while drastically improving the guest experience at the same time."

In layman’s terms, Zapier is a virtual assistant which automates tasks using workflows called Zaps and is the glue that connects more than 1,000 web apps together for your needs.

In more technical parlance, it’s an online automation tool that connects your favourite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, MailChimp and over 1,000 more. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Every hotel, hostel or apartment is unique with it’s own operational idiosyncrasies and, understandably, hoteliers tend to make plenty of feature requests from their software providers to try tackle those specific issues. Although the logic of building some product features may often appear simple - ‘if this, then that’ - the implementation by software developers is rarely straight forward. So, by using Zapier, hoteliers can suddenly become their own developers and all without having to know any coding language. With a few clicks they can connect the pipes that will answer their own questions and the typical product feature tug-of-war between hoteliers and their software providers vanishes.

Automate your property with the right integrations

So what does this all actually mean for a hospitality business or property? Let’s put things into context with a simple example: the request hotel receptionists get asked for the most - and by a distance - is for the WiFi password. If lucky, it’s a memorable password that the receptionist can relay themselves but, more often than not, protocol dictates miniature cards need to be handed out or the password scribbled on a watermarked slip.

Now imagine a world without the constant trips or calls to the reception desk that guests inevitably have to make when they lose the card with the details or when they want to get online with a new device.  A world where they could be automatically sent those WiFi details by SMS (still handy while data roaming charges remain high…) as soon as they check in or before they even arrive and without the intervention of a human. In such a world, guests and hotel staff would breathe a collective sigh of relief and the number of glowing TripAdvisor reviews would, surely, only creep up.

To automate such an apparently menial but time consuming task would require a kind of smart software or PMS that was able to recognise some trigger event - like a reservation being made or a guest checking-in - and which could then automatically send out an SMS or message to the guest with the WiFi details. In techno babble, such automated plumbing is called ‘if this then that’ software. In this case, if a guest checks in then an SMS is automatically sent containing specific details.

The good news is that such software already exists and can be set up in a few minutes from any computer. Say hello to Zapier.

For properties that need something reliably powerful that is already integrated with the various apps, tools and services they use to help run and supercharge their operations, services such as Zapier are the gold standard. The further good news is that Zapier is now integrated directly into the Mews Property Management System so that you can set up workflows that suit your unique needs and that leverage off of your live data.

For hoteliers, Zapier is only able to achieve this remarkable feat by leveraging off of an open-architecture PMS with a truly open API such as Mews. We recently wrote about why open platforms do it better compared to antiquated closed on-premises ones, and this love letter to Zapier (it’s no secret, we really love you guys...) is another case in point.

Admittedly, we have been banging the drum pretty hard about it as we think it’s really important for hoteliers to get to know all the apps, tools and services out there that can help them supercharge their revenues or automate tedious manual tasks so they can be free to focus on the all important guest experience.

Popular Zaps on Mews


Let’s say a VIP guest, who has been flagged as such on your PMS, arrives at your hotel to check in. Wouldn’t it be something if, the moment that VIP checks in, the general manager or owner could be automatically alerted of their arrival via SMS or Slack? They could then make sure to roll out the red carpet and greet them in person, avoiding the need for fumbled phone calls by staff or running the risk of that newly hired receptionist not even recognising the guest.




The sky's the limit

In practice, with a service like Zapier the possibility for integrations for your property multiplies several fold. We are proud that Mews has won a reputation for being the most interconnected property management system (more of that noise we mentioned earlier…) on the market but, frankly, by switching on Zapier’s smart plumbing the sky becomes the limit. With a PMS running Zapier in the background, all that is left is for your hotel or hostel to decide on what workflows you want.

Think manager reports being automatically dumped into a Google sheet for you. Or complimentary chilled wine being sent up to a room only when a guest actually arrives and not suffering the fate of going lukewarm after being put out by housekeeping during the morning rounds. Or integrations with Salesforce or your favourite CRM so that all your customer data is automatically pushed into it. The list goes on…

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